Again something weird (at least for me)

The last two days I saw a huge increase of positions reported. I checked he feeders in my area and none of them had such increase. The number of airplane reported were even lower as my last month’s average.
I looked in the forum to see if I could find an explanation/answer but I could not. Guess there will be an “easy to understand” explanation, but for me it is not.
Perhaps one of you could enlighten me?

Sometimes the recieving reporting server increases the reporting speed and that increases the number of postions ( but not the aircraft).
Sometimes this is triggerd by keeping Skyaware Anywhere open.

This happend to me in august and later on the reporting went back to normal. I see this from time to time :wink:

You did not have Skyaware Anywhere open the last days, or?
This is known to significantly increase the position reporting.

As sudden as it came as sudden it went back to normal as well. Did not make any changes in my settings or so.

yes that is the behavior I see as well.

It lasts a week or sometimes longer ( had it at one time for a month) but it goes back down again in the end.
No predictions to be made when it appears again.
Nothing is changing on the reciever side so this is something server related.

The same thing is happening to me. My positions have doubled but aircraft numbers remain steady. I did have Skyaware Anywhere open for a short while but I have done this from time to time with no similar change noticed.

It has been 6 days now of increased position numbers. Nothing else has changed in my set-up. The positions are double what I normally expect so perhaps some double counting?


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