My ADSB Page - Highest Ranking - (Solved)


Hi all,
On the MyADSB page there is an item labeled:
“Highest Ranking Achieved in Last 30 Days:”.
Unless I have misunderstood something, the numbers displayed appear to be incorrect. Looking at the current number one and two sites as shown on the ADSB stats page, their sites pages show them as achieving 144 and 190.
Is it me or is something wrong?


Highest ranking is the highest ranking of the user, not the individual sites, I guess.


There is another odd thing, though. I am currently ranking around 1060, but the highest ranking in the last 30 days is 1434. Not sure when or how it is calculated, but it seems a bit useless, unless maybe it is calculated after all all sites have the same number of full days completed?

Edit: Fell in the same trap, I think: :grinning::roll_eyes:

My (only) site is ranked 1060, on its own compared to other single sites. As a user I am ranking around 1460, because in addition to the better sites there are other users with two sites which, when added up, unsurprisingly see more planes. That user rank is shown in the highest thirty day ranking.


It seems to be wrong regardless of whether a user has a single site or multiple sites. Most sites seem to show a much lower figure than their current ranking.


Mmh, user OSUH8 has two feeder sites, one is currently is ranked 1, the other is ranked 3216 in the site rankings. In the user rankings those two sites puts him right now at 146, which is close to the reported highest ranking in last 30 days. Does not seem so far off?


I wish they did away with the rankings altogether, and yes, I seem to be going down as my numbers go up.:pensive:


I think you are probably right. One figure is the user and one is the site ranking.
Maybe I should try adding a second site just to check :wink:


If that’s the case, I don’t see a lot of value in the rankings.


Well, I think I lost a lot of places, too, almost doubling my ranking. I guess it just shows an increasing popularity of this activity, and there are so many other positive things about it, that I do not really care.


I thought that was the reason for the sudden changes at one point, but I’m not so sure now.

My feelings exactly. I do check the rankings from time to time, but it’s not a ‘driver’ for me.


I’ve found the rankings useful in that they provided a benchmark figure of what sort of numbers a site in my area should achieve. In my case, my site seemed to be receiving fewer messages than some nearby sites. This lead me to improve the filtering which gave a marked improvement. However, like you, ranking is not the main driver.
Anyway, I understand the ranking figures now. They are definitely the user and site rankings as @biekerc suggested. I found someone nearby with 2 sites to compare against and the numbers now make sense.


I find the “Nearby sites” very useful, not so much the “30 Day Ranking”.

Another box that does not seem right is the “Flights with Positions From This Feeder on Within the Last Hour”. Unless it does not keep them for the full hour. I think it’s not displaying all flights with position.