Highest Ranking Achieved

I am a new user and my rank is constantly going up, presently around 4600. But the presentation page for my feeder says “Highest Ranking Achieved: 1,610”. I never have been that high, who can reset that?

Are you using multiple receivers? There are different rankings: one is per user, the other one per receiver.

No, I have just one. I have registered a month ago and from the start, that number “highest ranking achieved” was set at 1610.
My actual ranking started around 10,000’s and now it’s up only to 4000’s. I might never reach that 1600

I don’t know the answer, but it appears to be a 24h average per country ranking.

The ranking is based on a subset of the total and can change on a daily basis. It must be something like this.

FWIW on ranking, my original site#407’s best was around 700 which put it in the lower third of the active feeders at the time.
Been a while. :wink: Dragging along today at 9179, still in the lower third.

I joined less than four weeks ago and have a high rank of 203. It fluctuates by the day which indicates that it is probably calculated over a short period of time. Secondly, I’m either extremely lucky with the timing of the ranks, or they are (more likely) based on a subset of the total population.

Mine doesn’t fluctuate, it’s the same number since joined.