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Question about website -> ADS-B -> Statistics

When I go the website, choose ADS-B, then Statistics the ranking appears, starting with the first 50 feeders. I do not see enough planes around here to get close. Then I chose the little down arrow next to Aircraft Seen and chose Positions. In fact, three columns change to position counts. But not the ranking. When I mouse over the question-mark I see this:


Contrary to the text in the yellow box, clearly this is not the sum of the positions seen for ADS-B, MLAT and Others. But it is still the Aircraft Seen count.

Is this my browser issue (Mac with Safari and Chrome)? Or was it not supposed to update? Granted my curiosity was tickled as I “do” about 40 million positions a month, more than most of the top 50 Plane feeders.

I think that is a typo. It should be aircraft seen total, ADS-B+MLAT+Other.
An aircraft is only counted once per UTC/GMT day.

You should upload to PlaneFinder - Their sharers list is sorted by position reports, not total number of aircraft :wink: