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30 Day statistics/rankings

I am a bit puzzled by what the current sort order is for the ADS-B Statistics at http://flightaware.com/adsb/stats/ . It used to be easy to see what column sites, feeders, etc… were sorted by, but now there is either a column missing, the sort is broken, or my head is on sideways. I have been rocketing to the top since the MLAT stats were turned on, but I’m not sure that the sorting is correct and my current position is deserved.


Ahh ok… to answer my own question, it is based on the combination of ADS-B + MLAT not a single column. Head back on straight.


There is indeed a missing column; the table is ordered by “total aircraft seen” which isn’t directly shown (yet). If you mouseover the ADS-B “aircraft seen” sparkline then it’s visible in that graph (though there’s no total there)

Not sure I see how that works based on my current ranking. My total aircraft (ADS-B and MLAT) is around 67,000. The member above me in ranking has just over 40,000 (ADS-B and MLAT)…very confusing

There is indeed a missing column; the table is ordered by “total aircraft seen” which isn’t directly shown (yet). If you mouseover the ADS-B “aircraft seen” sparkline then it’s visible in that graph (though there’s no total there)

It should be pointed out that the mouseover function only applies to the full statics page, not the 5 position snippet on your personal page. (This is true in the Firefox browser, your mileage may vary.)

Yes, this is the missing column: the total you want is ads-b + mlat + other. Neither the total nor “other” are directly shown. There’s an issue open to fix how this is displayed.

I’ve dramatically shot towards the top too once mlat was added much to my confusion.

Nice. My highest was in the 180 range and had been in the 200-250 range just before MLAT stats kicked in.


somehow i breached #10 now.

and my antenna isn’t even outside, its in the attic.

it looks like the way mlat is being taken into account, the US based feeders with lots of mlat around might displace most of the non us based feeders.

I agree with you. I am around #1400 while covering the left half of France :confused:

I’d like to register a complaint!!

Seriously, I don’t understand anything to the list order.

I don’t like that this is more ‘PlaneAware’ than ‘FlightAware’ (each plane being counted once per day - irrespective of the number of flights made)

Can someone explain my ranking based on the picture attached? I’m really confused why another feeder with less aircrafts, average and positions are better ranked…

There is another figure counted that doesn’t show on that table at the moment, which is the’other’ category. That is aircraft that aren’t broadcasting ads-b and aren’t seen by mlat - eg only broadcasting mode-s. You can see how many you are receiving on your personnel stats page, but not on the overall table yet. The total is adsb +mlat + other.

Been looking in the stats the last twoo days, i’m a bit wondering too…
Before I was around top 5, so not really bad i think.
Now i’m 68, which is already a lot better than the 80’s range i was in was before but the stats? nope, I don’t understand. The person 2 spots before me, why is he there? he also doesn’t see mlat??

*edit: in a week my feeder will crash, will you monitor that FA?? Bug report was sent…

see here:



p.s. the one above you has more ‘other’ traffic - if you do not mlat it simply counts into ‘other’ too. to see this you have to take a look at your and his dedicated site statistics: http://flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user/csweeney05#stats-9650


There is difference in total aircraft seen when compared with other feeder at the same site since the new update was rolled out to statistics page, previously Flightaware total aircraft seen use to be higher than the other receiver that i am hosting at the same location but now the other receiver status is showing more aircraft than flightaware.