Highest ranking on stats page


Mhm, lately noticed my highest ranking was around 600, and one or two places different, depending on which device (PC, phone) I looked at my stats.

now it is back to a value of 400 something, a value it had at the beginning of the stats page change and one I actually cannot remember being even close too.

A date in addition to the value might be useful here, and I am not sure the calculation works properly…


I believe the current calculation is the highest ranking achieved in the last 30 days. I’ll ask the web team to clarify the text on the page.


var highestranking=Math.floor(Math.random()*totalusers)


In the last 30 days? Ok, then there is something wrong here.

I have been between 700 and 800 the last 30 days, at least at daytime in Europe, right now the highest value is quoted as 449.

Or this because a large group of feeders (maybe in the US) looses a whole day at midnight and a lot of sites jump up the ranking?


This made me smile!


isn’t much activity on this topic, not that it’s earth-shattering or anything. However, the ranking shown on the stats page for me is incongruously positive given my sites’ performances. My best site is somewhere around 400, others are 1200 or so, but
has consistently placed me in the top 30 for months now. While that’s very generous, I don’t have any knowledge of why I should be there. Looking at ericcarlson’s post, i see no clues for such beneficence. Ideas?


I’m hoovering between 400 and 800, but my highest ranking is free falling and currently > 1100. It’s only a number, but in someway it affects my interest. I ordered a better antenna and it’s still in the box as example.


Well, it is user based, the more sites you have, the higher you will climb.

And there is always the moment when all sites in a time zone will loose a full day of values, allowing others to move up, I guess


Mmmh, as posted above, in the past my highest ranking in the last 30 days was always significantly higher than the rank visible on the stats page.

The 30 day value was around 400, but whenever I checked the stats page, my current ranking was around 600 to 700.

Now it is the other way round, right now my current ranking is somewhere around 1385, the 30 days number is 1624.

How is this number calculated, just once a day at specific time?

At first I assumed whenever the ranking of a site changed, the rank was recorded and then the highest value was calculated like min(1385, 1389, 1405, … ), but that does not fit the facts.


sadly this number was/is completely bullshit like some other numbers in the FA stats and rankings. there is no secret math behind - just wrong math :slight_smile: