User Rank, City Rank, questions.

So, when I go to “My ADS-B” page I can see the site rank of my two sites.

When I go down to the list of other users near me, I see that one of them is highlighted in yellow, and he’s the highest total count individual on the page. I assume, based on his really high numbers, that he’s in the top 1000 users, but I’m not sure, perhaps the yellow highlight is just that he’s the highest total count in the “near me” display.

So, I tried to confirm that, by getting his rank total, and going to statistics, users, and looking for him in the appropriate approximate area, without any luck. :frowning:

Is there any way to find my “User rank” or the user rank of some specific user other than rummaging through the top 1000 list by hand? I would have thought that my user rank would be above the individual site totals on the My ADS-B page, but it isn’t.

Similarly, is there any way to search for Topeka, KS rank in the 851 cities listed, or are we beneath notice, and how do I tell other than paging through the mass of city ranking pages?

The lack of the user rank on the individual page seems “odd” as does the total lack of search function.

Thanks in advance to whomever.

If the answer to the above is “no”… is there an open suggestion to “me too” in the suggestion topic?

I went to your stats page
and found the top user near you. I clicked on his user ID and found that he is currently ranked about 951 … stats-7495

When I want to lookup a user I just add their ID to this URL
Is this what you are after?

Not sure about city ranking.

That is his site ranking. Let’s try a more interersting example tho…

Take Purdue Traffic Lab. They have 4 sites, 4 registered receivers. If you go to statistics/users at you will see that they are currently ranked number five of all users on the system.

If, on the other hand you do what you suggest, you go to you discover that they have 4 active sites, each of which is ranked in the top 100, but not the top 10.

I.E., there’s two rankings. One is for the rank of any particular radio. The other is for the account of the USER which ranks on the basis of the sum of the total aircraft seen by all your radios added together. The USER ranking is not displayed on the stats/user/someone page, you have to pagedown through the user ranking pages… which is annoying.

Similarly, you can see how cities stack up at but there appears to be no way to search either the users-tab OR the cities tab.