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I wonder if there is some page with the descriptions of all the info available in the users stars of each ads-b receiver.
I.e 30 days ranking : what is means?

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Horacio - User LU1BJW
Buenos Aires - Argentina


Rank gives you an estimate of how active your airspace is compared to other sites.

Here is the link to the 30 day ranking of all sites.

3744 sites at this time.


Rank gives you an estimate of how active your airspace is compared to other sites.

Well, not quite.

This list is ranked by the total number of planes your site has reported in the last 30 days (or less if you haven’t been reporting for that long.) You will notice your “Total Planes” number drops each morning and that day’s count is added during the day. This explains why your ranking moves up or down during the day.

Once you reach your optimum site capability, your ranking will stablize around a certain area in the list. If you make changes to improve your plane count, you’ll see your site move up the list. As an example, let’s say you add an LNA to your antenna and you daily plane count jumps about 20 percent. You can watch you rank advance upward for the next 30 days as your new higher counts are accumulated.


Thank you very much for all the answers.
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Any idea on how it is calculated?
I currently see my ranking above someone who has higher numbers in every single category.
I would have thought that, as they have significantly more sightings of more planes (actual and average) and have been online for longer, they would have a lower Rank number. But no. I am “winning”.

Any ideas?
Is there a formula that the Ranks are derived from?


The ranking is based on the sum of adsb, mlat and other airfcraft. Other airfcraft are not listed on the 30 day stats page.
That is why you are above others.