US Airways to cut 1,000 Jobs and close LAS and LGA Crew Base … 98702.html

:frowning: Our second largest carrier is getting smaller…and smaller.

That is bad… :frowning:

yep…and we spent big $$ just late 07’ to move them and build them a new crew base.

this is the 1st time in McCarran history (dating back nearly 61 years) that we have excess gate capacity. With our new T3 being completed in mid-2012, I hope we see the economy rebound enough to have a need for our newest faciltiy.

Our president has done nothing to help the economy. I will stop there, before everyone on the whole website is mad at me…

I’m not mad at you. This creates opportunity for other airlines to expand at LAS when the economy rebounds (~2018).

im not mad at you but you cant be mad at obama, we all knew he wasnt a leader, you can be mad at those that elected him.

Yea, because the economy was doing great before Obama was elected.

I always thought that LGA was a hub for US Airways. I just realized it’s a focus city but going to the wiki page, they show that US Airways is eliminating 3 of it’s 4 focus cities.

Yes, Will and Meek, throttle back on the knee-jerk politics please. You’re ignoring several positive trends since January (in bank failures, home foreclosures, job losses, stock market) in order to declare “Our president has done nothing to help the economy.” Quite the contrary, and it’s documentable.

If you want to take this further, do your homework and then move it to Banter or another website entirely. This thread is about US Airways and McCarran.

US is selling their slots and most of their gate space at LGA to Delta - Delta in turn is selling US their most of their slots and gate space at DCA.

Small “hub-like” operations largely relying on point-to-point traffic fail. Virtually every “focus city” has failed or become a hub.

With this slot swap US and DL are buidling legitimate hubs at DCA and LGA respectively.

I know I’m kind of going out of this thread, but drdisque made a great correct comment about the DL / US swap. What has bothered me is that why would an airline make LGA a hub? The only thing I can guess is to have a big presence in a large population center in order to tap into the market. Given the congestion, typical delays and other “issues” with all the NYC airports, it seems like you are asking for more peode customers. And DL has come up with a really nice solution for their RJs @ JFK (not).

I’m in Cincy and can understand why DL is pulling from CVG, but it certainly is not due to customer convenience and maintaining a no-delay schedule. Other than the busses to/from Conc C, xfer in CVG was pretty easy.

This might just be the thing US Airways needs to turn around their operation. They started with PIT a few years back, and it seems they are realizing that over capacity cuts and price increases are the only thing that airlines can do to be profitable. Let’s see how much ticket prices on WN go up in LAS.

Ditto the DL US swap comment, makes sense. Let’s see if they screw it up or not.

I have a feeling either Delta or Southwest will pick up the slack left by US Air…Vegas has always been a “loss-leader” type of sales pitch…yet SW seems to be profitable here.

WN does OK in Vegas, they flow a lot of traffic through there so it acts as a hub for them.

Some of the routes there are really long expensive stage lengths and have really lousy yields but they need the extra pax to support the size of the operation there.

But…but…WN does NOT have hubs!!! :smiling_imp:

That reminds me WTH did Damiross go?

BANNED! :blush:

FBI probably picked him up… :smiling_imp:

In fact, SWA doesn’t even have a base here in Vegas. Their closest two crew bases are PHX and OAK.


But WN serves more cities and has more daily departures out of LAS than any other city. Just think how much money they could save on hotels.

Too true. Until they opened up DEN, all of my one/multi-stop flights from SMF all went through Vegas, except one to MDW that goes through SEA.

Has LAS taken over that lead from LAX or DAL?