And the Woes continue...


Well all the airlines have been laying off employees, but GA companies aern’t immune to this economics slowdown. Cirrus is laying off 102 people. … c1afc5419&

You know, I wonder if Cirrus is in trouble, how are companies like Mooney and Piper still going strong? Outside of Cessna and Beech, everyone has to be feeling this badly.


I agree with your second statement, but I am surprised they are laying off that many people. The SR-22 models like the GTS and GTSx are amazing aircraft. FAST, and that is a big thing, considering how relatively cheap they are for their speed.


That sucks. Ironically, we vacation is Duluth every couple of years, and this year in June I took the factory tour (very cool to do, if in the area do it!!), as we were walking back to the lobby the tour guide mentioned that at Cirrus during the slow months (NOV-FEB) they don’t lay off as they want to keep the skilled people that they have. Even if they don’t work on one thing the whole day, they come in and collect a check. I respected that. I know this is now a less predictable time though, and understand that stuff like this has to happen, but still sucks!
I will add one number to that 76 when I can find the extra dough to purchase one. Great airplanes!


I wish them al the best and hope all goes well for them but I still think Cirrus planes sucks. Bigtime.


Now I’m confused, the individual aircraft (e.g. SR22, SR20, etc.) suck or the manufacturer (Cirrus Aircraft)?


My guess is that he is referring to the quality or fit and finish of the plane. Cirrus airplanes aern’t built as well as its competitiors, but it has improved a lot, especially in the G3. Getting rid of Avidyne helped the reliability issues too. But, a Cirrus is not a Cessna.

I have heard that the customer service of Cirrus has been great, so that can’t be an issue.


Well i sat in a G3 but i still didn’t felt impressed.

I don’t think Cirrus got rid of Avidyne, you can just buy a 50k upgrade to a G1000… the standard panel remains Avidyne.

I don’t have maintenance expierence with Cirrus, i heard horror storries mainly about Avidyne problems having to wait/grounded for weeks for a fix/update.

I have expierence with the very agressive sales department of Cirrus, maybe because i asked the wrong questions or made the wrong remarks in their eyes.


What did they do? Take you out back and work you over? :wink:


I think the marketing department may have them beat. They find their way into the front cover of every flying magazine.


Hey hey hey, this is a family-friendly section, no fetishes out in these parts.


Well, I am sure he touched the wing and it broke. What are they supposed to do?


Sad but true, you break it you buy it! :wink:


My conspiracy: He touched the wing and it broke. Then he had to buy the plane. Because it broke from simply touching it, he calls the plane’s crap.

:laughing: :laughing:


Well, at least the front didn’t fall off!