Cirrus Jet


From my understanding, Cirrus planes have a bad fit and finish. Will they build a good product or will it be a faliure to the jet market (jets are known to be built good).


Do you know anything about aviation? And it’s well, not good.


you can use good if preceeded by “real”

like " That plane sure flies real good"


Them Cirrus aint bad but, there pilots is.


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Careful guys, we all make mistakes. There is some old wisdom about judging others.

Back to the subject…

Cirrus did not have the best fit and finish for the first few years of production, but the G2 models are thought to be much improved.

Personally, I am not a fan of much of their interior plastic pieces and don’t believe they age well. There are parts on some of the Navajo’s that you would have expected not to be on a cabin class twin, so I suspect that Cirrus may have the same problem that Piper did. Piper still can’t put a decent glare shield on their $2 million Meridian, so go figure.


Telling someone they don’t know anything about aviation isn’t judging. Saying they’re a bad person because of it is.



i’ve taken a ride in an sr22, and I have to say that I wasn’t totally impressed with the seats and all. I love the displays and the glass cockpit, but it just feels weird…never mind how it looks :smiley:


We put 421 hours on our G2 the first year. We have zero fit and finish problems. On the other hand, it has been nearly perfect in that area. :slight_smile:


Please come back when the plane has at least 5 years and over 1000 hours on it. It had better be zero problems at this point!


I’m flying G2s as part of my CSEL and I think the fit and finish on our G2s seems fine. Most of our (my flight school’s) G2s have 700-800 hours on them. The back seats are not overly comfortable from what I remember however (only been in the back seat once iirc) - I seem to remember it forcing me to hunch over some.


It seems to me that most people I spoke to found the Cirrus very comfortable overall, but I also found the seats, front and back, not very comfortable. I think it is because I am long legged.

I believe the feeling of comfort comes mostly from the shape of the cockpit, and the ease of entry and exit. Also, from the large windows.


Why do you have Mooney in your name?


Mooneys are pretty comfy for tall people. Especially tall skinny people.


I have a Mooney Ovation, and when I joined flightaware I was living in Canada.

I also used to represent Mooney, Diamond, and Piper through contracts with dealers.

I am also tall and skinny, and find my Mooney VERY comfy! :smiley:


I sat in a G3 in Friedrichshafen, my first time in a cirrus. Togheter with the first hull of the Diamond D50 this was one of the biggest disapointments considering finishing, those planes don’t feel right, they feel cheap, like made in china (now i understand why diamond is making a factory in china)

i sat in the mooney and getting in was easy since it’s very low on the ground and i sat very comfortable… the mooney felt like a ‘real’ plane (whatever that is…)


Now that we have gotten completely off topic…

Diamond built a factory in China to build planes for the Asian market, and to build a 100 HP engine to replace the rotax as their base engine (I haven’t heard any progress on this project and it may have died). They have very good build quality at Diamond, so I think either the prototype wasn’t a great example or you just don’t get a warm fuzzy from composites (they just don’t feel the same, it’s weird). Also, their quality is not all about luxury, but consistency and durability.

I believe they saw a big market in China, and have experienced currency exchange problems that also made it look attractive.


[]the-jet ]( Cirrus “the-jet” website.

Cirrus to unveil new aircraft
06/25/2007 04:18 PM
’THE-JET’: Hundreds of aviators and aviation press members will descend on Duluth later this week for their first glimpse of the-jet. Thats what Cirrus Design Corp. has dubbed the jet aircraft its developing.

Story at []aero-news ](


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