Somebody tell Cessna the NAS is not an etch-a-sketch board


Somebody did some good flight planning.
March 7th flight.


Nice! :smiley:
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I think you’ll have to tell all of the manufacturers. I think this sort of thing is becoming a trend.

Here’s one Gulfstream did for the GV some time ago: … /KATW/KATW


wow, either Cessna isn’t selling enough aircraft or these people like to waste gas

pretty clever though


Shut up.
It sure is a big etch-a-sketch, in fact the biggest

Hopefully they’ll get even better at this and we can get a K-State Wildcat logo or perhaps a KC Chiefs arrowhead or something.


I’m throwing down the gauntlet; Cessna’s looked better than Gulfstreams.


But not as good as Goldy’s…


Yeah, Gulfstream’s was somewhat crude… but ya gotta give them credit for pioneering this marketing tactic! Perhaps another try might produce something a little more elaborate. Then again, Cessna’s logo is basically made of straight lines, and the curves of a “G” are much more intricate.

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