The Industry

How do you guys feel about the massive slow down in the industry? I know alot of people feel as though 2012 will be the year of massive hiring but, there are some companys that are planning for late this year and early next year!
What’s your feedback!

I think until the airlines dump the Grey hound buss mentality, start charging real prices and quit nickel and dime-ing people to make up for their upfront pricing stupidity they can suck pond water and get what they deserve.

It cost real money to operate and they need to charge real prices.

I won’t start in on the septic tank known as the regionals.

Well as for me am stuck at a regional just waiting for the major to open up, but if they continue doing buisness this way…it will be hard for all of them!

In case you guys haven’t noticed, it’s not just pilots that are hurting. This is what change looks like: Too much government interfering with private industry. As long as the economy is what it is (thank you, BHO), every industry will be screwed up and thus just about every occupation there is will be screwed up.

The government didn’t cause the recession, they can’t MAKE people stop buying and investing.

Yes, they can by using their power of taxation.

I wonder what the cost of the new health care program will be on the airline industry? and how that will affect hiring or furloughs? AT&T says it will cost them $1Billion this year. CAT and Deere came out with $100Million and $150Million respectively (not bad for two little Illinois tractor companies… some of the last companies in America that still make something).

To find the real solutions to health care, I’d like to see a company like Southwest Airlines take over some hospitals in Texas. They can bring their business principles, cost control and management style into the hospitals and clinics. I bet that in a few years, they’d wipe out insurance all together, they would make it affordable for people to walk in and pay cash. “Appendicectomies $39” “Free Meds”

I’m sorry David, was Obama the President when the economy tanked? Was Obama the guy who got us into two wars the will drag on forever?

Don’t pretend that the last guy was any better than the current one. :unamused:


Not saying he is. What I am saying is that Obama is not doing anything substantial get the economy moving. As long as the economy is in the toilet then the hiring of pilots will also be in the toilet.

In the 8 years Bush was president, the debt went up about 14 percentage points when compared to the US GDP (Gross Domestic Product). In the year that Obama has been president, it has gone up 16 percentage points.

As long as the same type of people are elected to office year after year this country will continue to spiral down the sewer hole called Republicrats and Democans. We need to elect 3rd parties to office! (Before you say that’s not possible, don’t forget Lincoln was elected as a third party candidate to the party the became the Republicans.)

Yea, we should have let all the banks close their doors, the big three automakers tank and let big business dump toxic waste in the drinking supply like they do in China.

Typical liberal overreaction. The key word in my statement is “TOO”. I am **NOT **SAYING there shouldn’t be some time of regulation. I am saying there is **TOO **much regulation.

By the way. Which car company made a profit last year? Ford or GM? Don’t forget, GM prostituted themselves and took government money. So they must have made a profit. Wrong-o! It was Ford, the Big 3 who DIDN’T steal money from the US Taxpayers for their operations.


Yeah have you driven a Ford? Pieces of crap in my ever-so-humble opinion. Everything about them feels so cheap and plastic. Our brand-spanking-new Ford F-150 Lariat plow truck with all the bells and whistles didn’t make it a month into the plow season this year before the transfer case blew and had to be replaced. It’s easy to make a profit when you charge just as much as everyone else but make your product cheaper. I’ll keep my 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4 thank-you-very-much…which by the way was made in the good old US of A! Other than oil changes and tires, the thing has cost under $200 in maintenance since we’ve owned it.

Who’s the dumbass that purchased a Ford f-150 Lariat to plow snow with? No offense lineman, but anyone that puts a plow on a F-150 Lariat should be shot. That is NOT a plow truck. A plow truck is a F-350, XL, 4 x 4, rubber matt floors, vinyl seats, diesel engine, your basic plain jane with balls. Use the right truck for the job next time. Jeez, why not put a plow on a Ranger. Ford makes a great product and that’s why they are the one company of the “big 3” that didn’t take money.


Hey, I don’t make the decisions, ya know what I mean? It’s our plow truck when we need it, and our “company truck” when we don’t. That’s all I’ll say on that. :unamused:
Regardless I was pretty unimpressed that a new Ford couldn’t even handle a plow season without breaking. The new F-150s are about as big or bigger than the older F-350s anyway…hard to tell the difference anymore.


Then why bash the F-150 when you obviously don’t know the difference or what it’s limitations are? You must be a car guy. The size is about the same and that’s where it ends. Stick to stuff you know.


Ouch. Jeep guy, thank you. So if I understand correctly, and I’m really asking and not being a smartass, you’re saying an F-150 isn’t tough enough to be a plow truck? There was simply no doubt in my mind that the biggest baddest new F-150 should handle plowing no problem.

That’s exactly what I’m saying. The F-150 is a light duty truck not meant to be a plow truck. If you want to plow or tow heavy weights, buy a super duty. It’s that simple. Now if you live in Madison, MS and want to plow snow with your 150, that’s fine. But not central Ohio, I assume you see a fair amount of snow there.


Ok, point taken. :wink:


(Had to do this just to make dami mad…)

I hate Found On Road Dead trucks, but my uncle would pull fully loaded 18-wheelers with his F-150… Just get a Dodge…

Doesn’t make me mad. I have absolutely no preference when it comes to brand of car I drive. All I care is that the engine turns on when I turn the key.

My present car is a PT Cruiser.