iThe '08 elections and impacts on the industry we care about


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As is cautioned in the other forum, I am not trying to start a thread which will get locked due to off topic political bs. We can turn on 24 hour news to see that. I am curious to hear from all you pretty learned people I have come to enjoy talking to through these forums, and your aviation backround, what your take on the candidates are for the future of aviation.


McCain/Palin are talking about taking immediate steps to relieve our energy supply shortages which may result in lower costs for fuel. They are also proposing lower taxes for individuals and corporations which will benefit general aviation and airlines. The Obama/Biden ticket seems to oppose any efforts to deal with the energy problem, especially in terms of action that will benefit aviation. They also favor increasing corporate taxes which will be paid by consumers and result in fewer private sector jobs. This won’t help companies like Cirrus or Southwest airlines much less their customers and it will certainly spell death to companies like Frontier, United and Mooney.

The Palins own a Piper Cub and even named their youngest daughter Piper. According to new media reports, the McCains own a Cessna through Cindy’s business. John & Cindy McCain have both been pilots, one of their sons is a student pilot and John’s older son is a pilot for American Airlines. Todd Palin is a private pilot and I’ve seen reports that Sarah is or was but I haven’t seen any confirmation of her status as a pilot. I couldn’t find a record of her in the database but they can be set to private.


Many people think taxing corporations is good. However, they don’t realize that corporations do not pay taxes. They pass the taxes on to their customers. In other words, if the democrats get to raise taxes on corporations then it’s the consumers who will pay those taxes, not the corporations.


You would no doubt benefit from having Mccain in office. One thing being discussed on another forum was Mccain abolishing the perimeter rules, which makes sense because he lives in Arizona, but that wouldn’t be a problem anyway, as he would have his own jumbo jet.


I have been for McCain since I learned thay Obama is going to cut NASA’s funding to spend on education. I may not work for NASA but I sure do love seeing them shoot rockets to space.


Actually, Obama only plans to DELAY the Constellation program by 5 years.


I think the Constellation program should be accelerated, not pushed back 5 years.


Education is free thru HS, those that don’t take advantage are fools. It’s the parents responsibility to monitor their child’s educa…oops wrong forum, sorry.


Why put the third guy up? We all know the president will always be a democrat or republican. The third parties are lucky to get 1% of the votes. They are lucky to get a few electoral votes. I know the point of a third party is to almost be a protest to the two main parties in the issues they may “lack” in people’s mind. But come on, no third party even comes onto the radar in these elections.


Abraham Lincoln was elected as a third party candidate.

The reason the other parties don’t get “onto the radar” is because the major media wants people to believe only there are only two parties. They refuse to cover other serious candidates.

When someone says I’m “wasting my vote” by not vote for one of the two major parties, I reply with “a wasted vote is a vote that is either not voted or is used to vote against someone. A vote is never wasted if it is voted for the person you truly believe is the best candidate.”


And the media gives them the attention because they are the biggest parties in terms of size, and loyality. I understand that many third parties are there as niches that appeal to some people and I am fine with that. In fact, third parties can preach an issue that hopefully the dems or rep. will pick up once in a while. I think it is stupid to put a third parties name in this poll, because he is NOT GOING TO WIN!


Someone should run as a Democratic-Republican. Who remembers that party from way way way back.


I do! I didn’t live back then :laughing: , but yes they were along with the federalists the dominant parties way back in the day.


I put him there because after voting for the Dems. and Reps. in past elections I don’t feel any difference living under either party. You can feel what you’d like, but I’m willing to bet that in the coming years there will be a 3rd party in the white house. Peopple are going to be tired of just the same old stories. I didn’t start this threaad to try and ignite a debate, but it seems as if it has. You vote how you’d like and I’ll vote how I’d like. Ain’t America great!!!


That’s a great way to prioritize things…

I say let’s keep the people educated so that we can keep on sending rockets in space. Maybe that way, we’d be a little less vulnerable to all the media BS we’re subjected to… for example: a couple of weeks ago on TV, there was this guy from the CIA trying to convince the viewers that it is impossible to have a geo-stationary satellite put up in space. If that’s not the government insulting our intelligence, then I don’t know what is.

The Obama/Biden ticket seems to oppose any efforts to deal with the energy problem, especially in terms of action that will benefit aviation

I’m not sure that’s true.

I’m torn between the 2 parties. I respect John McCain and truly admire him for what he has done for his country, for his service and devotion to justice. Obama’s thoughts are also very appealing, and I do believe him when he talks about change and hope…

The times… they’re a-changin’"


Me too. I mean, I like Mccain and all because he seems to have more experience (and I can’t see Obama leading in a crisis). However, I wonder how many years Mccain has left. He can hardly walk to the podium it seems. Then you have Palin, the book banner and it swings towards Obama. I’m a conservative, but I am undecided in this election!

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I think the consensus in American has to be that Hilary is crazy…see video: