Presidential Candidates 08'


I would like start a category that tracks the presidential hopefuls in 2008.

Here is Hillary Rodham Clinton’s tail # N216RR, she is currently visiting Des Moines.



Wonder if she’s paying for the full charter price like she’s suppose to under recently passed Senate rules. It’s doubtful - the ?itch thinks this country should pay for everything she does.

(Replace the ? above with your favorite letter. I won’t tell you mine but I can say it is after A but before C)


I take it you don’t like her that much. The 08 elections will be very different, there will be a women running, a black man, and a mexican running. I don’t look at that stuff though, what ever I think is good thats who I vote for. Dami want to hear a joke?? Womens Rights!!! HAHA Just playing to all the women out there.


Hillary’s running in the 2008 election - didn’t know there was a woman running in that election. (Think about it.)

I’ll try to refrain from saying anything else because political opinions are like butts - everyone has one and only mine doesn’t stink.


HAHA If a tree falls and know one is around does it make a noise?? :confused:


How about an on topic thread, folks?

I can easily see the signal in this thread (tail numbers used by candidates) being lost in all the noise (endless political banter).

From this point on, I’ll be deleting posts (like the previous four) in this thread that aren’t on-topic.


How do you know this is her plane?


I spoke with someone at the airport yesterday and they confirmed what I thought. Des Moines is small enough that they park all of the “VIP charters” in the same spot.


They confirmed she was on this flight? Alot of party officials, media, etc… charter flights to attend these type of events.

That flight is scheduled to fly from DSM to MLI at 11:30am. Yet her schedule had her starting there at 8:30am.

Events on Hillary Rodham Clintons schedule today in Davenport according to Quad City Times:

8:30 a.m.: Conversation with Iowans in Keppy Hall at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, 2815 West Locust St., Davenport.

12:30 p.m.: News conference in the media center in the Davenport Central High School Library, 1120 N. Main St.

In between, she is expected to attend a church service.


If that’s her plane, then I’m surprised she’s flying on “just” a GII. Kerry flew at B752 during the last presidential election and she has a lot more money than he ever did. Maybe it’s too early in the campaign to spend the amount of money it costs to charter the big boys.


Back in 1991 I was flying for company based in NC. I had a day trip to Washington Dulles. On the ramp was the Clinton-Gore 727. Sometime in the afternoon the crew arrived. One of the pilots told me where they were headed. But I paid no attention to what he said I was radared in on one of the half dozen absolutely gorgeous fligth attendatnts.

And I mean gorgeous, break your neck turning your head so fast, slap my momma, flight attendants.

I made some comment to him about the quality of the help. His comment was long “yeaaaahhh!”


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Most of them park at Elliott Aviation. A real nice G4 or 5 there the other day.


DSM is not that small of an airport and in my opinion it has a pretty high number of private jet operations. OMA represents another medium size midwest city that has a lot of action.


That was uncalled for, this is a discussion about avaition topics, not political views.


It’s stretching a point but it is aviation related. The senate passed rules about paying full charter prices for an airplane charter. Maybe the second statement I made was uncalled for, not matter how true it is.


Hillary Clinton typically flies on charter aircraft only when a “friend” is paying for it. On rare ocasions when a friend can’t be forced to cough up the dough, she will actually fly commercial.


I’m surprised that all the dough she and Bill bring in doesn’t warrant their own Gulfstream V or something similar. He received millions in contributions & kickbacks (as all Presidents do), receives a nice pension, and probably brings in a couple hundred thou for each speaking appearance. They probably have an accountant worthy of making it a business writeoff as well.


The key word is is “Clinton,” aka “why pay when we can get idiots to pay for us.” In his house in New York, he had a cottage built for the Secret Service. He charges the government $10,000 a month for this cottage. His mortgage also happens to be $10,000 a month. So do you really expect the Clintons to pay for their charter flights?

Update: While I still believe that the Clintons don’t pay full charter price, I did find out that, even though it sounds like something them fools would do, the deal about the cottage is false.


Ohhhh believe me, I know all about the Clinton’s and their place in Chappaqua. I have several friends and former collegues still assigned to #15 Old House Ln, and some of them are not to fond of their assignment there!