Candidates' views on GA


Senator McCain and that person who has been a senator for years but has actully been in the Senate chambers way way way less than 200 days views on general aviation.


Thanks, David.


Oh, you mean Sen. McCain and the next president.


BLAH- yet another socialist voter. boy its going to go from bad to worse


** Breaking … Warren Buffet & Gen. Powell Part of Secret Obama Socialism Cell?**
“It’s kinda hard to figure how Warren Buffet endorsed me, Colin Powell endorsed me and John McCain thinks I’m embracing socialism,” …


Barack Hussein Obama is definitely a socialist.

Obama has no aviation experience outside of flying as a passenger. McCain and his wife both have aviation experience.

Obama mentions NO assistance to general aviation as a US Senator. McCain does.

All Obama says is that ATC is a government function and is entirely against privatizing it. McCain explains he is willing to look at the system and see how it can be improved. He is also against privatizing it. (I disagree with both of them when it comes to privatizing ATC. I think parts of it can be privatized to increase efficiency while reducing cost.)

Unfortunately, both candidates believe the mankind is the cause of global warming. What bunk!

I know some of you will complain about politics being posted here. Hey! Guess what? The selection of a president will affect general and commercial aviation. Their policies regarding aviation should be discussed here.


It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt

I no longer have any doubt.


Certainly gives those who can still think, rather than simply swallow what their party spoon feeds them, cause to stop and wonder.

McCain lost the vote of many when, as a septuagenarian statistically unlikely to survive his first term, he chose a clueless and brainless bible-thumping ex Beauty Queen as his running mate.

His continued use of FUD and predominantly negative ads has turned and bit him in the butt. Having failed to convince me that you’re the best candidate by simply stating your position and policies, you’re not likely to change my mind by describing your opponent as the devil incarnate.


Define this.

Is it a negative ad when you point out the opponent’s position on something?

Here in California I’ve seen ads approved by BH Obama stating that McCain would tax health care. Yet your own source - factcheck - says this is not true.

To keep this related to aviation, is it right to redistribute the wealth from the so-called rich - many who are pilots and aircraft owners?



While you sir make a valid argument on behalf of the democratic party I implore you vote, and to do so with conscience of mind knowing that you did so because you have the freedom to chose whom you want.
I chose the wrinkled old guy and his HOT VP, because (even though I’m pissed that he sent a HUGE military contract to france) he has plans, and seems to know how to implement them. If you had to chose your captain to fly your 737 would you take the guy with 12,000 hours even though he’s old or the guy that has 3,000 of VFR flying BUT he’s young.
Obama, just doesn’t have what it takes. sorry. But that’s the great thing about America, we all have our choice.


McCain didn’t do that. He stopped the stupid lease of Boeing tankers that sent a few people to jail and shook up Boeing. I’m in favor of the military buying American equipment.


He claims that he saved the US taxpayer $6.1 billion, which might be true and people might have gone to jail BUT the contract went to Airbus. they are now going to be making the tankers.

That is A LOT of taxpayer money going overseas to the stinky french and not back in to the pockets of rich Boeing executives


Last I knew they reopened bidding.


HEY HEY! That’s no way to be speaking of our French brethren and is classic Francophobia of the worst sort.

It may be acceptable to refer to the Quebecois in that manner, but around here we respectfully refer to the French as cheese eating surrender monkeys.

Most pilots support McCain because he reminds them of a weather forecast.

71 and hazy!

The Republican Party’s slogan for the 2008 election: “We’ve tried a retard as president for 8 years, might as well try someone with burgeoning senile dementia”.

If you won’t look into your hearts and minds after the past eight years of a republican presidency and congress, look into your wallets! We can’t AFFORD four more years of their like at the helm.


In the immortal words of Archie Bunker “You are a pinko”

And Obama is a long legged mack daddy


Project was scrapped a couple of weeks ago.


James, you know I respect you, but I have to seriously disagree here. My wallet has actually gotten fatter in the last 8 years, and not just from raises, but from how much, as a percentage, in taxes I have paid.

The media is attacking “Joe the Plumber” every which way they can. Why? Because he brought to light the true socialist/marxist mentality of Obama. Listen to the entire conversation. Obama flat out says that he wants to redistribute wealth. That is outright Socialism.

Liberals love to quote the line “All men are created equal”, yet they focus on the wrong part. All they focus on is the word “equal”. Our founding fathers were not pointing to that everyone is entitled to have what someone else has, but that they were CREATED equal, meaning that the kid that was born in the room next to me 30 years ago was born with an equal chance to succeed in life. What it comes down to is that it all depends on how you take what you have and put it to use. I’m sorry, but I am totally against this “spreading the wealth” because why the hell should I let the government take my hard earned money and give it to someone who had no ambition or drive and decided to drop out of school, has no dream of improving their position in life, and sit around and do nothing? Why should a person be punished for making the correct decisions while the person who made bad decisions sits there and gets a free handout from the government with MY money? Last time I checked, you reward for good decisions, learn from bad decisions.

He keeps saying that 95% of Americans are going to get a tax cut. Well, here is a big problem with that number. Depending on where you get your information from, anywhere between 35%-40% of Americans DON’T PAY TAXES. So what, are they going to get even MORE money back from the government? Sorry, I call that welfare. Obama’s idea that taxing anyone who makes more than $250k even more won’t hurt jobs is crap. Anyone who has ever truly been in a business knows that when additional costs are incurred, including additional taxes, a company will typically do one of two things. The company will raise their prices to offset the new costs of doing business, causing the customer to now pay MORE for the product, or they will cut jobs in order to reduce costs somewhere else. I don’t think that I need to explain where that part is bad.

Am I saying that the “rich”, which, a fun stat to know is that the top 1% of the “money makers” in this country pay more than 40% of the income taxes, should get a tax break? No. But raising their taxes even more, because they make more (meaning, in most cases they have been more successful), is class warfare and means now you are punishing success. If you are going to have to pay even more as you make more, where is the drive to be successful and make it to the “rich” point? There won’t be because people will figure out that, under Obama, they can stay right where they are and the government will take care of them. It promotes apathy in our society.

Also, if you listen to his answers on energy questions, it is almost always “look into (enter energy type here)”. Now I know you are smart enough to know that in most instances, when a person is answering a question, and gives that answer, they usually never look into it. Now, on the other side, McCain will say “we WILL do…” He is giving a direct answer.

Heaven forbid if anyone questions “The Messiah”, just ask “Joe the Plumber”. The man will not even admit when he is wrong. I mean, even Pelosi has even admitted that the surge did work. Obama skirts the issue with a non-answer. Sorry, McCain has, on more than one occassion, admitted when he was wrong about something. Obama has yet to do this. He will NOT admit that he was wrong about the surge.

One last thought. While it is very impressive that in September, Obama raised over $150 million, it throws up a red flag when there is a reported $12-$20 million that comes from foreign donors. Why won’t he release who these people are? What does he have to hide? Why is Obama so secretive about so many things? What does he NOT want the American public to know?

Is McCain perfect? Far from it. But I would rather have a person that has an actual track record rather than someone that has a tendency to vote “present” rather than “yea” or “nay”.


All very good points, Pika, and all are reasons that I have decided to vote the McCain/Palin ticket.

This business of redistributing the wealth is pure socialism.

A person who is successful should be rewarded and not punished. He his rewarded when his taxes do not go up but that’s not the socialist way. The socialist way is for the government to steal (yes, steal) the money from the one who works hard and give it to the one who doesn’t.

What is needed is a flat tax of about 10%

I’ve been trying to figure out how a person can get a refund on his taxes when he didn’t pay any taxes to begin with. Yet that’s exactly what Obama wants to do.



And Obama is a long legged mack daddy

I know it’s the title of the video, but I don’t know if you have the credentials to use that phrase… remember?

They wouldn’t want my ‘miniscual wealth’, I’m a pilot, but that’s the only thing that binds me to the group you mentioned. I’m sure I’m nowhere near the so called rich, nor an aircraft owner. :laughing:[/quote]