Big Three CEOs Flew Private Jets to Plead for Public Funds

Because their too good for the airlines. :unamused: :unamused: I mean, if you’re company is struggling, you can start by doing your part as a CEO, and cutting down.

Their time is too valuable to the companies to waste it waiting around an airport for a commercial flight.

Good for them. At least they can properly use and leverage one of their assets for the good of the company.

I would usually agree with you on this point, but when they don’t have the cash(or should I say credit) to make it through Jan 09(in GM’s case), it looks bad. Would have gone a long way with congress and tax payers if they would have flown commercial or maybe at least all shared one jet. They all come off looking like spoiled kids begging for corporate welfare. It’s a shame the once proud American auto industry has come to this.

Chrysler’s HQ is closest to PTK and all their flights leave from there. Ford’s is closest to DTW and all their flights leave from there. GM is located about half way between DTW and DET and I don’t know where their flights leave from.

Also note that Ford’s Alan Mullaly (from Boeing) did not beg for federal funds and that Ford has enough liquidity to survive the downturn. He stated that lots of jobs are on the line if they don’t get some help.

check n5116…gm G350

I can understand why they use DTW rather than DET (which is closer to their headquarters).

DET is in about the worst neighborhood imaginable.

Perception and practicality are sometimes on opposite ends of the spectrum. This is one of those cases. GM would be extremely hard pressed to effectively operate globally if it weren’t for it’s flight dept. Corporate aircraft over the airlines has been justified here in numerous threads. And let’s keep things in perspective here… It’s the UAW that has the strangle hold on the “Big 3”.

Both Ford’s and GM’s flight departments are based at DTW.

Very true, Ch 11 would change that, but the shareholders would lose the “rest” of thier investment.

I liked how the big 3 just sat there while they were getting grilled on this topic. They didn’t say anything or react. They should have asked the fat asses doing the grilling how they got to the meeting and how they were going to get to their next lunch, dinner and fundraiser. There’s a fleet of a thousand oil burnin (American made) limo’s sitting down in the private garage with the private entrances… All on our dime! I remember the first time I visited DC. I saw all their limos and executive cars (mostly Cadillacs and Lincolns) with drivers parked in waiting all over DC. We went to meet our rep on the steps of the Capitol and waiting for him was a MB560SEL (biggest Mercedes of the time) with curtains, a driver and giant apple in the window. That opened my eyes @ 14 years old. :open_mouth:

Yep. And they’d re-organize…and they’d get airplanes again. And the shareholders would actually get a ROI.

I’d rater the government pay all the employees of these big 3 company’s their salaries and pay to re-train all the employees for a period of 3 years then bail out these people that draw HUGE salaries and fly on private jets.

I’m applying for a Government bail-out tomorrow. I need $1 Trillion to settle gambling debt

:open_mouth: You must fly freight…

Exactly! It’s all politics. They don’t want a bail-out. They want to bust the archaic UAW creating a competitive US manufacturing model and take care of its employees, like Toyota and Nissan. Mulally did it at Boeing despite of, and with the cooperation of the IAM.

NBAA Press Release supporting the use of corporate jets, this release sent out to US Press.

Regardless of the spin that the NBAA is putting on this, I still think the executives should have flown commercial (1st class if they can’t stand to be with us common peons).

Before any bitches at me, I’m a great proponent of business aviation. In this case, however, they should have had gone commercial just for symbolic reasons.

Plus, once they get the money (as much as that thought makes me want to puke), they need to start managing their companies better. Additionally, they need to stop be so adversarial with their unions and vice versa.

Use to, once a freight-dawg always a freight-dawg

exactly. To me, this puts them above everyone else. If you want the public’s support, you have to appeal to the public. Now I don’t know anyone who wants to bail out the automakers, but this kind of stuff certainly doesn’t help.