**Offical Airline Industry Investment Thread**

**I dont own any stocks, but I thought I would start a thread to talk about these more “serious” matters. **
(only intelligent, and serious post please)

Hey guys dont know if you guys have noticed but some airline stocks are extremely underpriced right now, mostly due to the bad news about fuel prices. However with the recent shift of lower gas prices stocks like CAL (Continental Airlines) have raised about 15% since lower Jet-A prices at nationwide airports.

late oct. saw the largest drop in oil prices, price has been falling since mid sept. crude oil is still dropping today

take a look at it since then…

I think 2007 is the year for airlines if gas prices stay down, mainly due to the simple fact that airlines have been flying more then ever, making more money… but lately been spending so much on Jet-A prices. Crude prices have “somewhat stablized” since mid sept. and then into the november

CAL’s fair market value is <$80 a share! - Reuters

<— possibly last a"airline industry" optimist :laughing: :smiley:

P.S. JBLU (NASDAQ) has also seen nice gains, and is another good stock to pick up mainly due to the fact that they are only a $15 dollar stock!!!


CAL (Continental Airlines)

COA or CO. CAL is China Eastern I believe. Wow. Nice research. I bought life insurance (LFC). :smiley:

COA is their airline code here on FlightAware. CAL is their stock ticker symbol. Since this is a thread about investments CAL makes sense.

I’m not much of a speculator and stick mostly to the shallow long-term buy-and-hold waters. I’ll defer to Warren Buffett on the subject.

“Any right-thinking capitalist who had seen the Wright Brothers’ contraption take to the skies would have shot it down and saved investors 100 years of agony”

You know what Richard Branson said about the easiest way to become a millionaire. :wink:


But I’ve heard the only way to become a millionaire in aviation it to start out a multi-millionaire.

You technically could throw Boeing in that mix since Airbus is pretty much FUBAR. Also for AMR (American Airlines) after bottoming out in 2003 @ $1.52, today, worth $32.94.

It is good to see most of the airlines doing better now.

Brother, did you post in the wrong place if you were looking for “only intelligent and serious” postings! :slight_smile:

I think JetBlue is priced about right. About 2-3 years ago the stock was going for the high 20’s/low 30’s. That was overpriced, especially compared to Southwest. (Southwest maintains a price of less than $20 a share. If the price goes above that then they declare a stock split.)

JetBlue’s future, in my oh-so-humble-opinion, is not as rosy as everyone thinks it is.

They are selling aircraft and delaying delivery of new aircraft.

They broke their business plan by buying the Embraer 190.

Their maintenance costs are going up due to aircraft reaching high maintenance check points.

They are expanding TOO fast - this will be a major contribution to their downfall.

not me, I think jblu is destined to be trading around high 30s low 40s. Once a more balanced market emerges. thats why its such a good buy right now. they where voted “best domestic airline”…what ever that means :laughing:

Look at their debt load Dave.

I expect them to be trading around $35 very soon.

Close, his quote is that the easiest way to become a millionaire is to start as a billionaire and go into the airline industry. :slight_smile:


lol :laughing:


…remind me to buy boeing during the next war :open_mouth:
…jblu is at $14.54, perfect buy time get in under $15

If you really want to track the analysis of airlines for investment, you ought to start with Google Finance Search “airlines”]


This is the entry point for following 804 airlines.

Google Finance is a great resource for following news and charts of any stock, not just aviation.

Y’know, that’s one of the weird things about stock markets. Airbus stock is probably so cheap right now, it may be a wise choice for bargain hunters. The A320 family will sell enough to bring in SOME revenue, and I’m betting that the French government will bail the company out if things get too much worse.
Don’t get me wrong; I’m not endorsing Airbus by any means, and I’m not saying that tougher times aren’t ahead. But if you truly follow the rules of “buy low, sell high,” then it’s one to look at, as crazy as the idea may seem…unless you think they haven’t bottomed out yet. :smiling_imp:

I was actually talking to my stock guru the other day about Airbus. I told him that I thought Airbus has NOT bottomed out. I would say that while, you are correct that the A320 family may bring some revenue, the stock and company won’t begin to rebound until the first batch (not first one) of A380s have been delivered and are in service for a couple of months to make sure all is well. What surprised me is that for once, my stock guru and I were on the same page (he told me NOT to buy Boeing when I did).

does airbus have a symbol?

It’s probably under EADS (Airbus’s parent company).


It’s EAD.