Avantair Inc.

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Down from about $3.00 a few years ago, company has made tons of improvements and I’m thinking this stock could be a proven asset to any aviation enth. out there looking to pick up some stocks in a soild company. Im going to buy a few hundred before summer. Anyone else like this company??

Earnings per share -1.03 with a share price of $1.90 :confused:

On the other hand, they’re paring their losses…

Second Quarter Fiscal 2009 and Recent Highlights:
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Stock price is on the “up-n-up” since January:




I’ll do a little speculating on this one…

Watch the opening credits of the new Discovery Channel show “Pitchmen” starring Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan for a glimpse of an Avantair P180.

Hi there! Billy Mays here with an incredible new product… the Piaggio P180. It slices and dices the wind at near jet speeds with the operating costs of a turbo prop.

You got any of that AAIR action, JHEM? 8)

Bought a round lot a while ago when J started working for them. It’s performed about as well as our other holdings in this market! :unamused:


I sure hope so. It would be a good sign for all if people are chartering again in the same numbers as 06-07

i hear ya

The price has dropped significantly in the last few weeks, even though they turned a profit. Looks like they turned a 9.7 cents per share profit last quarter versus a 15 cents per share loss the previous quarter. That’s a P/E of 12.37. If they continue that kind of growth into this quarter, the price should jump (maybe back up to the price it was at when this thread was started).

Quarterly Income Statement
Press Release

Cisco Systems, America Online, Gap Stores, Home Depot, Winnebago , Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, Ebay, General Electric, WalMart, Pic n Save, Levitz, Amgen, and about 20 others, all had 7 things in common before they made their biggest price movements.

  • C stands for Current Earnings. Per share, current earnings should be up to 25%. Additionally, if earnings are accelerating in recent quarters, this is a positive prognostic sign.

    • A stands for Annual earnings, which should be up 25% or more in each of the last three years. Annual returns on equity should be 17% or more

    • N stands for New product or service, which refers to the idea that a company should have a new basic idea that fuels the earnings growth seen in the first two parts of the mnemonic. This product is what allows the stock to emerge from a proper chart pattern of its past earnings to allow it to continue to grow and achieve a new high for pricing. A notable example of this is Apple Computer’s iPod.

    • S stands for Supply and demand. An index of a stock’s demand can be seen by the trading volume of the stock, particularly during price increases.

    • L stands for Leader or laggard? buy “the leading leading stock in a leading industry”. This somewhat qualitative measurement can be more objectively measured by the Relative Price Strength Rating (RPSR) of the stock, an index designed to measure the price of stock over the past 12 months in comparison to the rest of the market based on the S&P 500.

    • I stands for Institutional sponsorship, which refers to the ownership of the stock by mutual funds, particularly in recent quarters. A quantitative measure here is the Accumulation/Distribution Rating, which is a gauge of mutual fund activity in a particular stock.

    • M stands for Market indexes, particularly the Dow Jones, S&P 500, and NASDAQ. During the time of investment, invest during times of definite uptrends of these three indices, as three out of four stocks tend to follow the general market pattern.

Dont fight market momentum, we are in a bad market time, new president, record deficits, world economy tanking, the middle east has us by the balls, the market doesnt like uncertainity, and there are alot of ??? in the news and forcast.

If you invest/gamble on stocks right now, if they dont meet the above 7 criteria, you have to justify throwing your money away vs spending the money on something you can use, like upgrading a plane or house or vehicle, or spoiling UR wife.

I always think of a stock like an employee (cause your money is working for you). if the stock is dropping/employee is showing up to work late, are you going to keep him or fire him. Do you want to hire an employee thats expensive and is busting ass or one that is cheap and is in drug rehab.

so many people buy a stock with no requirements, and after it drops 30 % they say i cant sell now i will lose money. they say, when it gets back up to where i bought it, i will sell it and move on. Thats like saying i hired an employee and i caught them stealing, im not going to fire them now cause i cant get my stuff back, but if they do quit stealing from me, then i will fire them. That makes no sence you fire them now so they cant steal more, you sell the stock now so it cant drop more.

If your not willing to buy more of the stock you already own, then why do you presently own it?

buy high, sell higher. A stock goes down in price for a reason. and most that go down, keep going down. a stock that goes up in price for a reason, and only a few will keep going up, so dont fall in love with a stock. when you see a stock that is out performing the one you own, do you want the employee you have or the better one?

The recent dip is likely due to the share dilution caused by the recent private placement that closed today:


Big jump on AAIR today! Up 25% just today! Moved up a little bit in the last week or two. Nothing in their PRESS RELEASES to justify the move.

I’m finally seeing green on this stock for the first time since I bought it. I knew I would, I just didn’t think it’d take so long.

All I know is that their P.180s are constantly droning overhead (very unique noise signature — one of the few twin turboprops I can identify without even looking up) on their way into and out of KHPN , so somebody is paying for them to fly.

Nothing in their PRESS RELEASES to justify the move.

Indeed. You’d think that it wouldn’t be very good for business for the web site to depict one of their aircraft standing on the ramp in a big puddle of Jet A. :open_mouth:

Up to 1.95 today, up .40 cents in one day!! it dropped after mid-day though now its at 1.75 up .20 cents overall

1.75 +0.20 (+12.90%) 1.75 x500 1.90 x500 1.65 - 2.00 35,050

Garp, a winking or laughing smiley would be a better indicator you were attempting to make a joke than a shock smiley. Some on here might actually think you were correct about it being jet fuel.

Well, perhaps I would’ve used a laughing smiley if that puddle looked even remotely like water. But it doesn’t.

They must not have much water in your part of CT nor differing lighting. :unamused:

Do you seriously believe that it’s jet fuel rather than creative photography?

No, I don’t seriously believe that it’s jet fuel. But I wouldn’t exactly call it “creative photography,” either. It’s more like a botched Photoshop job. I absolutely commend Avantair for trying to show cool images of their fleet. But they either need to hire a new commercial photographer, or their photo retoucher needs to go back to school.

Note To Self: Stop using emoticons.