Monthly Activity Report


I thought the report you guys had up the other day breaking down the activity of flight operations was very informative and useful. Are you planning to release this report monthly or quarterly? Also, I can’t find this report on your site now, where can I locate it?



The August 2009 report is available here. We’ll be releasing it monthly going forward.


It is really some great info!!


" … contrasted by the aircraft type with the biggest significant drop in traffic, which was the Cirrus SR-20 with a loss of 14.5% … "

Any idea why that a/c type declined by so much? Have they hit an expired-parachute milestone or something?

It probably has a lot to do with the drastic plunge in value of the airframe, and lack of business flying. It seems that class has been falling off cliff after cliff since the recession began.

Is it possible to put int he numerators and denominators for these percentages. The numerator would be last month (or year) with the denominator being the current month.

Percentages alone don’t really tell the whole story. As an example: what may appear to be a fast growing airport may have only had an actual numerical increase of just a few aircraft operations (e.g. 10 last month, 15 this month would indicate a 50% growth).

For the report we have a minimum number of operations for an airport/aircraft to be included to avoid apparently huge swings in new or rarely used aircraft.

It’s amazing to see ACK with such a jump in traffic. We go there quite a bit, and sometimes we have to stay there, and the business owners in town are all saying they are down between 20-30% based on the type of business.

Real estate has also plummeted (relatively) in Nantucket. Yet the airport has seen a 17% y/y INCREASE in traffic. I know in the summer it is usually the third or fourth busiest airport for GA ops.

Since it’s a GA report we’re excluding Cape Air which may have fed a lot of their business.

What I’m saying is that business on the island is down 20-30% from last year, and GA traffic is up 17% I believe the numbers, and I have heard that Cape Air has been fuller coming in to ACK, just wonder why the business is down.


Other then this thread, where will historical reports be linked from?

Based on the URL, I was kind of expecting to see a link to this report from

Maybe a new subcategory “reports” may be helpful?

They’re on the press releases page, which is linked to from the bottom of the news page.

Get back to work!!! :smiley:

Hate to sound cynical on this but how in the world would a typical monthly report be considered a “press release” especially when you look at the previous press release topics? I wouldn’t call it news nor would I call it “press release material” based on previous topics posted.

Even worse is that this would be the last place I would look for something such as a report that’s to be released on a monthly basis.

Any chance of adopting the monthly reports subsection that could be accessed from the drop down menus on the left side under Live Tracking (not quite sure if it even fits that category either but none of the others fit for sure that I see) or even create this category between Live Tracking and Flight Planning since this is planned to be released monthly?

Be much easier to point new people that may have statistical questions to a place on the website with a title that makes sense.

The website news page are news items we’ve only posted on the news part of the website.

The press releases page are items we’ve published as press releases through Business Wire or similar.

September’s is out:

Did y’all do one for October?


It’s coming very very soon.