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Historical flight path data?

Hi - I live (and run a PiAware) under the flight path for KSAN and it feels like the flights have been flying closer over my neighborhood than before the pandemic. This is totally anecdotal, so I thought I’d analyze flight data closeby and see if there has been a change on average. Is there a place to mine historic data on FlightAware so I can plot the average flight path over time? I see some paid options, but it’s more about arrivals and departures. I’d like the actual position data over time to run comparisons.


Someone had the same thought for my area (KAUS), but I think the chances of a significant change are unlikely. I never did find a good historical data set to analyze but I didn’t look for one too closely either. In my case, I think the most significant limiting factor is the approach angles necessary for standard takeoffs and landings. Those won’t change within a certain distance from the airports in question. Beyond that, if memory serves, the patterns change with the updated sectionals. You can probably find historical sectionals more readily than historical flight paths. Have you tried looking into that?

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Note that sound travels better, hence is louder, in colder weather. It can effect the perceived height of an aircraft.

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You’d be looking at a custom data report for that. Or possibly Firehose, but for a one-off a custom report probably makes more sense.

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Thanks! I haven’t, but I shall!

Thanks! We also had some trees removed, which could add to our perception. I was chalking it up to this until some neighbors mentioned the same issue a block away. And it’s San Diego, so not THAT cold :wink:

Thanks! I’m guessing that’ll be expensive?

Ah San Diego. My Grand mother lived there for many years(near the old Chargers Stadium) and I lived in Imperial beach for a year. Similar temps to Sydney, except more fog and less rain in the summer.