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Statistics going down

I’ve been feeding to FA since a few weeks now. Since end of October, my statistics show a downward trend. Since about 2 weeks I have started to record data into VRS 24/7.

When I compare the statistics of FA and the output of the VRS database, I see huge differences in the number of flights reported as well as the number of positions.

I assume that there is some selection performed on what message are considered for FA usage, but I would be interested in finding out if you have made the criteria stricter since end of October?


To save bandwidth, PiAware doesn’t send all positions up, so that number will never match. However, the # of aircraft should definitely match or be very close.

The downward trend on your graph is very strange. We did have a problem on 11-Nov which explains that dip, but the overall trend is nothing something I’ve seen before. Have you made any dump1090 or antenna changes?

I have been doing dump1090 experiments since I noticed the drop. Didn’t do any before that. I’ll have to get up on the garage roof to check the antenna. It’s a DIY colinear inside a plastic pipe. Maybe I have water inside it or something got loose.


the reports have been dropping since weeks, that’s most likely something seasonally. To comfort you: I was in the stats on place 8, not really bad. Not much below number 7 but after that it was really a lot behind 6 and higher. My stats dropped significantly but what do we see? I’m number 5 since 2 weeks! This means everyone receives less aircrafts (and i’m less affected).

regarding dbaker’s anser: if we would send every position i would have tens of milllions of reports per day! Very accepteable if fa only accepts reports every 20 seconds…

Im running PP on my desktop system with a Dongle. My flights have went from 700+ per day to 500+. Not sure what happend. Winter flights???

I know our local Class C airport traffic is down at weekends and I’m not surprised to see dips then.