I have been doing some comparisons on the reports to Planeplotter against positions sent to FlightAware.
I have produced a chart which may be of interest but I am not sure where to post it. I have it in jpg or png format.

sharer Eb


Try uploading it to and then pasting the link here.


Here’s the link with description.
Shows daily and weekly cycle.




That’s a pretty graph, but what conclusion are you attempting to draw from it?


What is the source of these numbers?


I took number of a/c and no of positions from the FlightAware statistics page at regular(ish) intervals and attempted to match them with stats obtained at the same time intervals from Planeplotter Help > Test networking > Check sharing status.

No particular conclusions but interested to find correlations.
I am presently analysing my log files as well.

Do the FA stats include uploaded non-positional reports Daniel?



I have a similar question : I have upgraded my installation on tuesday 15 by replacing a coaxial cable (I am radioamateur, permanently improving my station). Since this, RTL1090 and PP give about 30% more planes but FA shows a dramatic drop-down of the statistics.

It’s strange.

J-Luc “pR”

[Edit] What is strange is that I am actually feeding FA with at least 110 planes and FA displays “Today” instead of “Live”.


I have a similar problem. Usually in the morning (US EDT) the system seems to update several times (15 minute cycles) but then stops and I become TODAY not LIVE. I have noticed that if I stop Plane Plotter, close the program and then start again that FlightAware updates for one or two cycles then goes back to TODAY again. I check my PP uploads and they are normal. Based on the location of the site, I have coverage for 300 miles in at least have of the compass points so I should be adding data fairly quickly.

I tried using the direct connection to FA from SBS-3 but their was no difference.

I am now back to feeding (or trying) through PP as secondary server feed.

Terry “Dn”


Do you experience the same lack of updates on the PP sharing site? Or is there anyway to tell?


No problemo on PP :

PlanePlotter Network Test
PlanePlotter installation PPXXXX
Time last accessed (UTC)	User ID	Clock	Last acft up	Last acft down	Tot acft up	Raw data en.	Raw data valid	Master User	GS perf.

2013-10-18 14:57:16	pR 	OK	88	149	2997014	yes	yes	yes	98%


Never had any upload issues unless their server is down for some reason.

Since FA does update (when forced - by closing PP and then reopening) - I can presume we are not dealing with a router or virus protection issue.

Actually over the weekend I shut down the virus protection just to make sure that wasn’t the issue and still had the same problem.



At 19H07 CEST :

FA : f1jek ★

PP :
Time last accessed (UTC) User ID Last acft up
2013-10-18 17:08:56 pR 100

PS1 : PC rebooted and PP restarted. It is strange…
PS2 : I am SMU (Sector Master User) which already sends a lot of data.


Seems like a few of us are encountering the same problem
I am using PP and have flightaware set up as the secondary sharer but according to my stats today I have fed only 88 aircraft when it should be about 3000 and by my name it is showing today & not live
any suggestions why this would be ?



Did you switch to the new RTL1090 whithout FEC ?


Was the reply to me ? If so I am using SBS-1


Ah, ok, so no relation.

Today my counter is stuck at 450 even if I receive actually 120 aircrafts (around 3500/day) and my status is “Today”. I don’t understand what happens.


Yes, my stats are similar I have added 132 aircraft, when in fact I have picked up 2600 so far


One hundred aircraft on the screen and only 828 different for 13 hours ? It’s strange.


Nobody at FA seems to be able to help us ? :confused:


Spoke to support and they are aware of the problem and the developers are working on an update