Richard Ansderson Strikes Again


For those naysayers out there that wanted proof that this guy is a liar and a backstabbing ***** read this.

NEW YORK (TheDeal) – Delta Air Lines (DAL_) is unraveling the Memphis hub it acquired as part of its 2008 deal for Northwest Airlines Corp., going back on pledges made at the time of the deal and adding fodder to those who oppose further airline consolidation.

Executives at Atlanta-based Delta said in 2008 that the $3.6 billion deal for Northwest would not result in any hub closures, and initially maintained a Memphis schedule of as many as 240 daily flights. But the company in a memo to employees said that high fuel prices and weak demand, coupled with Memphis’ close proximity to Delta’s massive Atlanta operation, has made a hub there unsustainable.

Delta shares were falling for the fourth day in five, dropping 2.7% to $17.08. Delta has gain 44% in 2013 compared to a 12% advance for the S&P 500.

Delta sources said that the move is tied to the airline’s reduced use of smaller, less fuel-efficient 50-seat regional jets, saying that the Memphis operation is too small to justify replacing those small planes with larger ones.

The decision prompted a rebuke from Rep. Steve Cohen, a Tennessee Democrat who has been a vocal critic of Delta’s deal for Northwest and other airline mergers. Cohen in a statement said that he was “extremely disappointed and disheartened” with Delta’s move, noting that he has already approached the U.S. Department of Justice to discuss whether Delta has violated promises the airline made when seeking deal approval.

“This decision by Delta puts the flying public at a disadvantage,” Cohen said. “I am also concerned for the employees who will lose their jobs and the concessionaires who will suffer from decreased sales and possible closure.”

Though regulators are highly unlikely to step in, Delta’s move could create headaches for executives at merger partners AMR Corp. and US Airways Group Inc. Tempe, Ariz.-based US Airways in February announced plans to combine with AMR, parent of American Airlines Inc., with the deal now pending regulatory and other approvals.
I have been critical of this jerk for years now and some people on here who want to stand up for this jerk say show us some proof of what I say about this guy.

He has been telling his fairy tales ever since they made the mistake of bringing this creep on as CEO. I mean this guy is being called out by a congressmen. And they created the art of the lie. That is pretty low.

The airline said that it will offer only 60 flights from Memphis by September, and as part of the move will offer about 230 Memphis-based workers early retirement or relocation to other stations


A corporation says one thing to gain favor and yet does the exact opposite??? Say it ain’t so…

This has got to be a first… quick… stop the presses… no… stop… please…


Last time I checked, Delta Air Lines wasn’t a charity.

If you or anyone else thinks they know more about running an airline than Delta, you are more than welcome to start one and build a hub in Memphis.

Of course you’re 16 and obviously have zero airline experience yet have some vendetta against this guy.

Memphis should have never had a hub in the first place. It is not a big enough market to support a hub. It was only a hub because Northwest needed a hub in the south and it was the only market of any size left down there that wasn’t already taken. It never performed well financially, even in the best of times. Of course you wouldn’t know because you were in fifth grade in 2006.

Also, this move will actually improve air service in Memphis. The new Delta scheduled will be configured for O&D traffic rather than connecting traffic, so there will be more flights when people find them most useful, early and late in the day. It will also make it more likely that other carriers will add a little bit of competing service now that Delta is less likely to vigorously defend it as it is no longer one of their hubs.



When I see corporate heads lying through their teeth every chance I get I call them out on it. Business decisions I get. Lying to everyone and saying one thing then doing another is a completely different .

Especially when is effect hundreds and thousands of people livelihoods . He has lied to the almost two thousand people he put out of work at Comair . Now this. How many more people are effected ?

This guy said the day he took over he wasn’t looking at merging with NWA. A LIE It was almost a done deal already . He said they had no plans to do anything to Comair. A LIE . He was just waiting for the contract to expire to blow them then he did it. When Comair was disbanded DELTA said they would give priority to COMAIR people to join the mainline. A LIE . They did nothing . He said they had no plans to close any of there Hubs. A LIE . He is slowly killing CVG and now has killed Memphis. You watch MSP is next and they are already pissed of about what is going on up there. It isn’t about the business decisions it is about the lying and underhanded way this creep does things and what he does to people. Does Delta owe anyone anything . No they do not. But be up front and honest about what you are doing to the people who gladly put their lives on the line for him and his airline for something they love to do and then stab them in the back. These are facts . Whether you want to believe them or not. So don’t tell me what I know and save your little childish insults .



Time to tilt at some windmills…

Let me posit this… Had this vile individual made all these “truths” known before hand… what would the end result have been? Everyone would have been up in arms and the merger would have had a snowball’s chance and hell…

To quote Judge Judy in reference to teenagers… hold for CEO’s of major corporations and all politicians… know how to know when is lying? Their lips are moving…

Lastly… he’s a jerk. Yup… that and 5 bucks will get you a latte at Starbucks… so what?

As to sucking… I don’t believe anyone ever disparaged you in that manner…


Yea, the guy seems like a jerk to go back on a promise, but it doesn’t look like anyone is losing a job. It’s a dick move but I don’t understand the hate here, did this guy like insult you personally, or kick your dog or something Lapetomane?