Congress should be ashamed of its self


Why? For continue to allow the law that Delta is about to use
to emerge from bankruptcy with a market cap that will be
larger than Southwest’s. WHAT!!!???

They screwed their pilots and dumped their pension on who?
Us. That’s right. US (the taxpayers).

Why do we allow companies to rewarded for declaring bankruptcy
by creating an airliner larger than Continental, American, United,

and we continue to allow the near-monopoly to continue in Atlanta.

Nice going Congress.

Check out what the executive pay and bonuses are about to be. Because this companies is expected to turn in a full year profit of $850 million. Only Southwest has a chance to making more and current earnings estimates on Wall Street say it will be close.

If you think this is wrong and you can fly a competitor to Delta, do so.
If you choose to fly to/from KATL, Fly Airtran when you can.

Southwest did it the right way, Delta did not.


So, ssomer, how do you really feel? And please, don’t hold back.


I can tell you one reason why: pure stupidity on the part of the American vote. While voters may think other representatives and senators are bad, they never think their own is. How else do you explain members of congress who have been there for decades? How else do you explain Boxer, Lee, Stark, Byrd, Kennedy, that other Kennedy, etc?

Oh, don’t forget that they also represent not the American people in general but the cliques (i.e political action committees) that give the most money.

Until people start realizing that being a member of congress is not a career then things like what’s happening with Delta will continue.

OFF soap box now.


How is DL’s presence in ATL any different from AA’s presence at DFW, NW’s ops at MSP, DTW, and MEM, or CO’s ops at CLE, EWR, or IAH?


Delta seems to have a little more pull with the administration at ATL than most carriers have w/ their respective hubs, or at least it used to be that way. They try to encourage (impose?) rules that make life a little “less easy” for AirTran. I think ssomer is more upset with the terms of DL’s emergence from bankruptcy than anything, though.


I see what you’re saying, but AA had the same presence to get the fabled Jim Wright of Ft. Worth to pass the Wright Amendment. Regardless, I think there are some well funded lobbyists now getting to enjoy umbrella drinks in Cancun while airline management duke it out.

While Bankruptcies are never easy to swallow, it’s my understanding that DL is going to be one of the biggest success stories of how to do a Ch. 11. If it is as big a success as they say, hopefully they won’t screw it up this time.


NWA plans to force the non-Sky Team airlines out of the main Twin Cities terminal to one (currently serving Sun Country and charters) at the other end of the airport. That would include American, United, US Air, Frontier, Airtran… Continental, Delta, and KLM get to stay. Interesting, that in Detroit they built their own terminal. Correct me if I’ve got this wrong.


I couldn’t tell you if you were wrong; I’m not familiar enough w/ NW’s hubs and their political pull. From what I do know, I wonder HOW in the hell they have ANY political or financial clout at all. That’s one airline that has enough problems within its own structure that should be addressed before worrying about the competition.

Putting my pennies away now…


I agree with the OP, DL has an unnatural lock on CVG’s airport as well. The difference is that fares to CVG are typically twice what they are to CMH or DAY. I don’t pay abnormally high fares to MSP, EWR, or most other hubs the way I do DL’s hub cities.


Getting back to the thread re:airline bankruptcy, how do they come out of it giving nothing to shareholders yet reissue stock to new stockholders with a value of billions? I don’t get it.