Updated to 3.5.1

I upgraded my SD card to new version 3.5.1 and on my end it appears that everything is working OK, But the stats page is not updating. SKY view looks good so I am at a loss if its getting into the system. Station ID 02e09d61-49bc-436c-8695-cc5c5d749841

How did you update, and from what version?

If feeder ID 02e09d61-49bc-436c-8695-cc5c5d749841 is from your stats page https://flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user/wingnut , then give following commands, wait for 5 minutes, then check your stats page.

sudo piaware-config feeder-id 02e09d61-49bc-436c-8695-cc5c5d749841

sudo systemctl restart piaware

If the feeder id on your stats page is different, then dont use 02e09d61-49bc-436c-8695-cc5c5d749841, and copy-paste the Unique Identifier from your stats page in above command.

Updated per the instruction here. I think the version before the update was 3.0

Where is “here”? Did you do a remote upgrade or did you reimage the sdcard?

You will have to excuse this old pilot , Mechanic I have never learned how to do the command thing!

Here is the board page we are on now. I formatted a SD card and installed the update with etcher

(1) Did you use etcher on a MAC or Windows computer.

(2) If you are not familiar with command, then other alternative is to shutdown Pi, remove microSD card, put it in a card reader/adapter and plug into your Mac/Windows computer.

In your Mac/Windows file explorer, clik on microSD card “piaware” to open it. In it you will see many files and folders. One of these files is piaware-config.txt.

Open file piaware-config.txt, and add following line at the end of file piaware-cofig.txt:

feeder-id xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx

(Copy Unique Identifier from your stats page, and paste it in file piaware-config.txt in place of xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx)

Your Stats page https://flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user/wingnut

Unique Identifier to be copy-psted is the one inside red rectangle in image below.

After editing and saving file piaware-config.txt, eject microSD card from your Mac/Windows computer, slip it into Pi and power up.

After 5 minutes, check your stats page.

I used Etcher on a Win 10 64 bit computer.
I will try your suggestions and report back. TNX

I give up!
I am a charter member of FA and have been around a long time. I have followed every tip and instruction given to me by staff and other members yet I cannot get the new upgrade working.
I have watched FA go from an easy to install and operate hobby to a program that only a computer geek can enjoy. To bad, I enjoyed it while it lasted!

It looks like the box logged in as a new site. I went and linked the new site to your account.

If you want to feed data from your old site you need to edit the UUID (aka Universal Unique IDentifier) on the box to send data to the older site UUID. If you do nothing it will continue to upload data to the new UUID.

Old site that the box was pointing too

New site that the box is currently pointing too

The word “box” indicates a Flight Feeder. I was under the impression wingnut is using a RPi. :confused:

Please also see this post:

No, it is a fairly generic term for “computer system” (as in “windows box” etc)