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I am running a Raspberry Pi Piaware receiver. Everything had been working fine until a few nights ago, we had a power outage, and it stopped working. I formatted and reimaged the SD card, and now, I can view Skyview and see flights, but it appears there is no MLAT and it is not reporting data to FlightAware. Any suggested troubleshooting steps? I tried reloading (reimaging) a couple of times with two different images, and no help.

You need to set the feeder-id you had before or claim the device again as a new feeder.

You can find the feeder-id here (only you can see it:
It’s called Unique Identifier on that page.

You can either put it in the config.txt when creating the sd card
feeder-id 12345-435345-3434-3455-2323

Or you can connect to the device or log in locally and issue those two commands:

sudo piaware-config feeder-id 12345-435345-3434-3455-2323
sudo systemctl restart piaware

I put it in the config.txt file, doesn’t seem to have helped. Do I need to separate the statement from the rest of the string that is already there? ie, comma, or something? Also my unique ID from my page isn’t the same number of digits as the example given.

I think I have it now. Says it is reporting on my stats page. Thanks

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