Update Airline ICAO Code

I think it would be useful to have a thread to request updates to ICAO codes that people might find.

I found one - VTM is shown as “Vector-M”. However, it is now Aeronaves TSM of Mexico. It is routinely flying a Metro to the US with tracking.

Okay thanks. It’ll take effect with the next refresh of the data.

Would FlightAware update these by hand or do you use the FAA update schedule? ( Which I assume you get as a simple data base update.)

And it looks like the next FAA update to the 7340.2 is…tomorrow…

Wow - I havent dipped into these forums much recently, see some old timers stilll around !
Another one:
Out of Luton/EGGW in the UK, Wizz Air Bulgaria **WVL **( though I would have expected WZZ) showing up as defunct (?) Woodvale Aviation. A search of that company brings up masses of Flightaware hits for tracking.
Wizz Air is the big Airbus operator into much of central/eastern Europe.

Cheers I (UK)

I’ve been updating my database so planes show up in PlanePlotter with the right airline, but I’m still seeing aircraft listed with the code EGF (American Eagle). Should those now be ENY (Envoy) as many of their flight numbers indicate or should some of them be RPA (Republic) for the operator? Also, I see flights with ASH (Mesa) flight numbers but the registration shows them to be owned by United, so should they be coded UAL?

Just for interest, this web site has ICAO 24 digit country codes, KLOTH.NET - ICAO 24 bit aircraft ID.

The ICAO country address allocations are not related to the ICAO airline (ident/callsign) prefixes at all.

Just in case I am getting the wording mixed up
This 24 digit (binary) ICAO code, lead digits, are country codes, I think. This is how I believe the app gets the flags. So according to the web site, lead binary digits 0 1 0 0 / 0 0 x x are for the UK the HEX for this is 4 and the next number is 3 or less. 0 0 1 1 / 1 1 x x is Germany 3 and the next digit is C or more.