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Ok here is a wierd one

I see a flight Im getting hits from here in the Seattle Area with a Spanish Flag.

The really strange part is I look at his Tracking page and he is in WEST VIRGINIA

Mmh, maybe VFR stands for Visual Flight Rules, probably anybody can type this in, and those are different aircraft, they ICAO is different as well :thinking:

In the US some GA transponders have a “privacy mode” when flying VFR, which basically assigns a random ICAO hex code so you can’t figure out the tail number. It looks like this could possibly be one of those, and the random hex code just happened to fall into the range that Spain is allotted.

Also, to my knowledge, this is not permitted when flying IFR or outside the US.

Callsign collision is the correct explanation here - the US in particular isn’t very good about getting useful information in there so sometimes you get garbage data which results in this sort of confusion. Less of a problem in Europe because the callsign data is actually used by ATC so more effort goes into keeping it correct.


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