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VRS and decoding

I’ve noticed that there are a few decodes with the ICAO code and an occasional callsign. To the far left, under “seen” and a “duration” of 00.00

I cannot find any information on these ICAO codes when doing a Google or checking all known databases with aircraft information. Are these rogue signals? Any advice or information would be welcome, thank you.

The numbers you’re referencing (I believe) are hexadecimal codes for the aircraft.
Your line 61 shows 7D2369
That’s a MODE S BASE 16/HEX code for an aircraft,
Mode S equipped aircraft are assigned a unique ICAO 24-bit address or (informally) Mode-S “hex code” upon national registration and this address becomes a part of the aircraft’s Certificate of Registration.

As for how to search for that, not sure

If you go to https://registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry/Search/NNumberInquiry and put in 586WH you’ll see it on the right side for this aircraft which is what shows up in my feeder.

Hope that helps answer your question


Also, curious what software your screenshot is from :slight_smile: thanks!

Hi K4GHL, most of the mode s codes only show what country and no other information. I have used the FA, Radarbox, Airframes, Opensky and no information is found relating to those aircraft.
Using Google, many searches say “must-have” and the mode s code but no sites with informtion. Some I do find information for but the majority I don’t. If I have an N registered aircraft I’ll look up details on the FAA site.

The screenshot is from VRS, select menu and the reports for today/yesterdays flights. It’s really quite effective. Thank you for your help and advice.

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Depends on the decoder / receiver you’re using.
If they are set up properly they shouldn’t even display an aircraft if it has less than 2 messages received.
Sometimes even planes with 2 or 3 messages can be decoding errors.

But most planes you actually receive will very quickly have a lot more messages making it statistically astronomically unlikely the hex id is a decoding error.
You can still have decoding errors for the altitude for example no matter how many messages you’ve previously received for that aircraft.

Hi Wiedehopf. It’s a FA dongle with FA v4.0 on my Pi. I use VRS on my pc to log and update a basestation.sqb file. Thank you for explaining.

If you guys are running VRS, I have fancier Plane silhouettes and Crap load of flags if anyone wants it.

Also, I’ll be glad to share data (re broadcast to each other via VRS)

I haven’t set up VRS on my Pi for fear of messing up my setup. I’d ideally love to set it up and have everything working. This plot will give you an idea of what distance I’m decoding.Should I manage to fathom out how to set up everything and share VRS I’ll message you Fox. :ok_hand:t4:

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