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Any way to cross ICAO to an aircraft

Tried a net search like I usually do, but this one didn’t come up anywhere. Had a very unusually noisy aircraft go out of KPAE just now and its only showing as TIS-B. Was curious what it was.

ICAO is 2B810C


Did the ICAO have ~ in front of it? Then it’s not a real ICAO, just a pseudo ICAO to represent the TIS-B result.

I don’t see 2B as an allocated prefix (national or special), so it could be random as above.

Yeah that’s almost certainly a TIS-B trackfile identifier for a radar return; as wiedehopf says it will have a ~ prefix to indicate it’s not an ICAO address and trying to interpret as one will be meaningless.

Yes if I remember it had the ~ leading.