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TIS-B station ID

The FAA TIS-B database has the station ID. Can this be added to the tar1090 output?

TIS-B database

I don’t read this forum, you should ask in the tar1090 thread that’s running.

Doesn’t matter in this case: i’m sure i won’t be figuring out which hex id (6 characters) goes with which station as i couldn’t care less.
Even if there were a json database available, not sure i see the benefit.

FWIW this is actually a 4-bit station ID carried in UAT TIS-B messages, and also in theory in 1090 “TIS-B coarse position” messages (which dump1090 doesn’t decode; I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone hearing these in the wild, everything is “TIS-B fine” aka CPR)

I don’t know exactly what you’d do with it though; you might be hearing data for the same aircraft from multiple sites at the same time, and the site IDs are only locally unique (they kinda have to be, since there are only 4 bits), so what would the web interface display?

I assume at some point if not already the 4 bit codes are reused, which I think corresponds to your “locally unique.” Just the ID would be fine since there is the FOIA document I posted with the locations.

The Draken “rent-a-bogie” planes show up on TIS-B . I’m just curious which FAA TX site is relaying this.

Are you hearing these via 978MHz or 1090MHz?

My interest is just on my own receiver though it would be nice for networks to display such data.

All I have at home is ADSB. I ran readsb with a redirection to a file last night. To be really sure of the data, I ran it with --no-fix. Most of the session with just TIS-B is at this pastebin.
Only one TIS-B record showed up in tar1090.

CRC: 000000
RSSI: -16.2 dBFS
Score: 1400
Time: 7620409858.92us
DF:18 AA:A2F712 CF:2 ME:68170488BAE975
 Extended Squitter (Non-Transponder) Airborne position (barometric altitude) (13)
  ICAO Address:  A2F712 (TIS-B)
  Baro altitude: 3400 ft
  CPR type:      Airborne
  CPR odd flag:  odd
  CPR latitude:  37.42488 (17501)
  CPR longitude: -121.64892 (59765)
  CPR decoding:  global
  NIC:           6
  Rc:            0.926 km / 0.5 NM
  NACp:          6
  SIL:           2 (p <= 0.001%, unknown type)

Ok - you’re probably out of luck there. The 1090MHz TIS-B messages you’re seeing don’t carry the TIS-B site ID.