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Unique Identifier: xxxx Assigned to PlanePlotter sites for transition?

Hi all,

I fully understand the changes FlightAware is making on 31 DEC 2019 regarding PlanePlotter data sent using the “secondary sharing” method direct from PlanePlotter. I understand why it is being done. This is not meant to be a us or them type of post.

My question is:

Is it possible for FA to assign a Unique Identifier: xxxx-xxxx-… to my fairly low number PlanePlotter receiver site internally on their servers so that I can migrate that to a Pi and maintain my fairly low number FA site. I am not interested in the user stats or even the running streak history as much as I would hate to lose the early receiver number for historical purposes.

Currently I have two sites:

1630 KHRT Feeder Type: PlanePlotter Unique Identifier: PD
Joined: May 31, 2014
Longest Streak: 1627 days (7/5/2015 - 12/17/2019

14679 KHRT Feeder Type: PiAware (SD Card) 3.7.2 Unique Identifier: xxxx…
Joined: October 31, 2015
Longest Streak: 1213 days (8/22/2016 - 12/17/2019)

I realize the Pi receiver already gives me the “premium” features. So that is not an issue.

So, is there an automated way to have FA assign a Unique Identifier: to my 1630 site so that I can migrate it myself to another receiver? Or perhaps, could FA staff assign a Unique Identifier: by request. I realize this would require some work for the FA staff, but this is my first ever request and I have been feeding FA for many years as you can see above.

A similar request was asked by another user in another thread back in JAN 2019. At the time FA said they would discuss the issue but there was never a final answer.

My intent for maintaining two receivers at the same location is to use one for testing and possibly moving one to 978 UAT.

Thank you,

-Dan (and yes, the user name is an aircraft I flew on for many years !)

Hi Dan,

I am going to reach out to you via our support channel shortly, and cc one of our Devs to help out with your question/request.


Do you see UUID on this page?


If yes, use it when you migrate to RPi

For Beginners - How to Get Back Existing Station Number in A Fresh Install



No. PlanePlotter users sharing directly from the PlanePlotter software do not have a Unique Identifier that can be transferred to another device. I am familiar with the process for using the Unique Identifier to transfer (if it had one).

My 1630 site is displayed as shown above “Unique Identifier: PD” which used the two character “PD” site identifier as used by the PP network.

Off topic, but thank you for all the excellent tutorials and posts you have created here !


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Hi all,

Just a quick update. The move from PlanePlotter secondary sharing with a 2-character ID to a PiAware Unique ID was just done with the help of FA support staff (they have to create the ID and convert the account).

FlightAware is going to formalize the process and will likely post details here in a day or so on how to request it.

Remember, this only applies to people that want to keep their previous site number, stats, and “born on” date for historical purposes. If you don’t care about that, just switch to a Pi and there is no reason to ask FA support for any assistance at all.

Here’s a short summary of what will happen:

  1. You will request the change. (They will announce how soon)
  2. They will provide a new Unique Identifier: xxxx… by e-mail and FA private message. You will also see the new unique ID on your stats page as soon as they create it.
  3. Your previous PlanePlotter site will show as “unclaimed” in the Nearby Sites section of stats. That is part of the conversion process.
  4. Your stats will reflect PiAware and all previous dates
  5. You will update /boot/piaware-config.txt with the feeder-id xxxx… code just like you would if switching Pi units
  6. Reboot your Pi (or restart PiAware)
  7. Almost immediately your stats page will show your connection. It will take a few minutes before it actually shows the uploads.

On your stats page:
-All dates and history will show your original dates.
-All stats will be there. MLAT stats will start to build (if you MLAT).

I believe my stats are visible to others. You will notice that the hourly reports looks grayed out. That is just because the scaling factor of the chart has changed with the increased data rate.

So, it’s a total success with the switch from PP to a PiAware Unique ID.

Give FA a day or so to finalize the process and then do as they ask, but PLEASE, only request this process if you want to keep your historical data like I did. If you don’t care about that there is no reason to increase their workload.

Thanks FA staff and I hope this info is useful to others.



Thanks for this Dan, and thanks to FA staff for making it possible. That’s wonderful news.
Looking forward to making the same change.
Yxespotter 12598

Is this being progressed in time for the 31st December cut-off?

The cutoff is going to be moved to January 9th. An email about this and transitioning to a PiAware will be sent out next week.

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Just seen the email and have responded regarding Site #141