Planeplotter Device already registered.


I am running Planeplotter and sharing data the Flightaware. When I attempt to register on the ADSB site, I receive a message that the code assigned to me by COAA is already registered. The issue appeared in November, 2013. After contacting COAA and verifying that this is not duplicated in their system, I was advised by FA Online Chat to post to this board.
I had previously observed a sharer on the coverage page that was near my Geo. Pos who listed his location as in China. He had run statistics for a few days in November 2013, then stopped. I ceased feeding FA for 30 days, expecting that ID to expire, but that did not occur. I am part way thru a second 30 upload blackout. The user was not showing on the coverage page today and the display has changed (white instead of yellow circles) so some updates have been made.

I am interested in providing a modest contribution to FA coverage.

Does the coverage map and statistics show Planeplotter feeds?


PlanePlotter identifier codes tend to be reassigned by COAA after 30 days of inactivity. So that I can check the status of it, what code are you trying to register?

The coverage map does reflect PlanePlotter users, but if they have enabled the upload to FlightAware.


Planeplotter code xm


Okay, it should properly be associated with you instead of the other user. I’m not sure how it became assigned to that other user, since I contacted him and he confirms that is not his receiver.

Verify that you have been submitting since December 6 from the vicinity of Rancho Murieta, and that the data represented here seems correct: