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Planeplotter Device already registered.

I’ve been running RTL1090 and a purchased copy of Planeplotter for a little while not from a site somewhat East of KMHR. I noted a sudden increase in observed traffic and discovered I had turned sharing on (download only). I decided to contribute what little I can, enabled upload and tried to register my copy with the PP code on ‘xm’ as shown under options/sharing/setup.

Registration choked with a message “This device has already been registered by another party.”.
Did not find an entry for myself in stats page.

Willing to entertain suggestions.
Loc: 38 40.8 N 121 04.8 W

There’s always the possibility that sharer “xM” has registered the wrong code. There ought to be some tie-up with the code to the approximate location as published at coaa.co.uk/sharerlocations.php when registering on FlightAware otherwise people can stick in any old code :frowning:

Another possibility code “xm” was used by a sharer in Arizona until 27 October so maybe they registered the code initially.
Codes change in Planeplotter after 30 days non-use.