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What if Planeplotter's user ID offen change

I am an ADS-B feeder who is using Planeplotter. I have some trouble now…

Following the instruction on the website, I successfully upload data and regeister my receiver on Flightaware. My first User ID(Flightaware call it Site identifier) is Aq.

Several days later, I found the User ID often change automatically. The frequency is about 1time per day. But the statistic page on Flightaware can still identify it. So I didn’t care it.

Today, I found my User ID changed to eS and Flightaware does not identify it anymore.

So I regeist my new User ID on network again. Now I have two receivers on my statistic page. And my longest streak has been interrupted.

So, would you please help me solve this problem? I want a stable uploading and a clear, comfortable statistic page. Thanks a lot.

COAA had some problems in the last week that caused the sharer codes to change, but normally, it should never change.