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Unable to set feeder location

Today, FlightAware is showing my PiAware as being near Portland, Oregon as opposed to Bangkok, Thailand. I’m not sure why this happens, but I remember I used to be able to manually set my feeder location (lat,long). However, the option is not there any more. The airport set is still correct being VTBS/BKK (Suvarnabhumi Bangkok International Airport). How should I fix this? My coverage distribution map is a mess because of this. Also, I can see there’s a flag I can set in dump1090 ( --lat and --lon) to set the ground location. I already tried that, but it still doesn’t update it on FlightAware… :frowning:

I had exactly the same problem, it’s happened to others as well. It’s caused by the settings for the webpage being changed to non-updatable.

Contact customer support and they will fix it for you. The distribution coverage map will sort itself out in a couple of days.

I’ll try that. Thank you very much! :smiley:

Apologies, this is a bug in the FA stats system. We’ll have it corrected today.

I saw that it was fixed today. Thank you very much!