Unable to open flight tracker in a new window or tab


Only able to open it if I directly click on it on the view airport activity page. If I try to open it in a tab this is what I get:

Authentication failed or map window must be restarted. status by FlightAware



What’s the URL of one of the pages you’re opening in a new tab and getting that error?


flightaware.com/live/airport_sta … 6e2cf8ee0e

flightaware.com/live/airport_sta … f23ee29e95


Just go to any airport, click on "View Airport Activity"
Then on the map in the upper right corner, right click on that and open in another tab or window.
The only way it works is if you left click on the map, it opens in a small window which you cannot maximize.
This problem has only been this way for a week. :confused:


We have been preparing the infrastructure for a lot of new improvements. I will have someone look at it tomorrow.


I note that if the URL contains the string “&airport=KXXX” the address will resolve correctly. For instance, with each of the quoted examples …



… results in a correct page.

The specifics of what may be going on “under the hood” to produce the URL with or without the “&airport=XXXX” string escapes me. But, perhaps, this may assist the developers in providing a solution to this quirk.