New Mapping Features?


I just caught Daniel’s ‘Announcement’ of new mapping features. They sound fantastic.

I’ve been away from FlightAware for the past month or so and my attempt to access the new features today was quite unsuccessful. I log into the ‘beta’ and my enlarged airport map window opens with “Authentication failed or map window must be restarted. status by FlightAware”.

It’s odd that there is no mapping discussion on this forum. Is beta mapping really down or is it just that I’m trying to access it when it may be “temporarily unavailable”.


It’s working fine for me, as an admin, as a normal user, and as a guest.

Please provide links (or at least codes) when reporting problems.


Hi Mark! First of all, on the beta version, from the Flight Tracker section in the left column, when I enter KDFW as Airport Code and hit “View Airport Activity”, I come to this page:

which is obviously “Airport Information” instead. When I hit the “View Airport Information”, I get which is “Airport Activity”.

Note: Above is started from the Beta set-up via the Discussion Forum section.

Starting from root regardless of whether I click on “Airport Activity” or “Airport Information”.

I can get to KDFW Airport Activity when I go through the back door of tracking a flight number. Now I’m at

Now when I click on the upper right map, I get the enlarged version titled, “ - FlightAware > Airport Activity > Dallas/Fort Worth Intl Airport”. I don’t see a way to get an address bar or a specific URL for this frame.

The frame is rigid is size. Resizing by grabbing the lower right corner does not work. The map seems to be complete, but there’s no scroll bar to enable display of the legend beneath the map.

The map is inert. There is no scroll, pan, zoom, filter or anything else to it. A left click changes the cursor to a small circle with a diagonal line inside it. A right click does nothing, but release of the click opens a standard IE menu. Selecting ‘Properties’ shows the following URL: ""

The browser I’m using now is IE6. (I don’t want to ‘upgrade’ to IE7.) When I posted the previous note in this topic, I was using Mozilla Firefox.

I’ve waiting a long time for this mapping upgrade. I do know what “beta” version means, so there’s no angry feelings on my part. If there’s any info I can provide to get this upgrade working, I’m more than happy to help.

Thanks, Mark.


This is a site-wide issue with IE (and Firefox if you’re on a fourms page) unrelated to the beta.

Correct. Per Daniel’s announcement post, those aren’t the features being demoed at this time. Additional maps on fleet/type/My FA pages, as well as improved loading times, are the features currently being tested.


I can get the URL to the expanded Airport Activity map for KDFW. F11 takes it to full screen and adds an address bar (which blocks out the uppermost part of the map).

URL is … 0d3a044db7

It is still inert with none of the enhancement features.


Thanks for the clarification, Mark. Re zoom/pan features, I guess I must have read what I wanted to be there. :wink:

I’m not really sure what Daniel meant by this:

“New features and improvements:
Auto-zoom/de-clutter for airport map”

Sunday evening, I suppose, is not the time to marvel about a de-cluttered map, so I don’t know what I should have seen different about the airport map. For the other features, I’ll have to play around to test them.

Incidentally, on my very first post on this topic, I’d been unable to open any ‘beta’ expanded airport map, so maybe there was a temporary server glitch.


not quite sure if it’s been asked already, but I think another interesting map would be for a destination pair, like KLAX -> KIAD


Why not? … nation=lax

New & buggy but check it out.


I love it! The area version doesn’t seem to map, but you said it was buggy! … nation=ZLA


Yeah, we were just discussing a fix for the terminal codes.


I agree that the origin/destination map is really neat. Are these enhancements at all feasible?

  1. Show the full flight track. That lets us see weather effects, as well as holding patterns, etc.

  2. Add flights in the reverse direction as well.


I apologize if this was mentioned already but when looking at a map of flights into and out of an airport (KJFK for example), it would be nice if more data blocks were displyed for the flights to/from KJFK (blue) and less for the enroute flights (green). Just my two cents worth…Ron