Link to "Browse By Airport" broken?


Is the “Live Flight Tracking” link to “Browse By Airport” broken? All the other “Browse” choices stay in “Live Flight Tracking”, where they should be, yet “Browse By Airport” sends you to “Pilot Resources”.

Thank you.


huh, it sure does. He is talking about mousing over the live tracking button to the left then selecting browse by airport from the tree that pops out. If you click on live tracking it takes you to live tracking.


It’s working correctly, although I see how it’s unusual. It’s the only item in that list that doesn’t go to a page generated from live flight data, so the page falls under pilot resources, but the grouping made more sense in the live flight tracking menu.


Another bug! :frowning:

Go to this page.

On the left side put in Flight/Tail# … click Track Flight.

You get a “Not Found” page!

It works fine on the main page. Just not from the above link.


That on has been squawked before, they are apparently redoing a bunch of other stuff in the meantime.