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Uat 978?

I built a UAT 978 receiver running 3.8.1 PiAware. Claimed unit and when I fired up a 978 transponder on one of our aircraft (on ground) it shows up on SkyAware and my statistics page but nothing shows up on the main FA map home page. Has anybody else verified that 978 aircraft actually appear on the FA map?

You need to enable position only flights. Otherwise your aircraft will only show up and you have submitted a flight plan or use flight following.
Unfortunately, I cannot find where to enable it at the moment.

That could be the problem but I can’t seem to find where you enable “position only”. One post said to go to your account and then down to item 6 but I don’t see position enable there, but that was an old post from 2016?

Here’s what I found on position only enable… so that might not be my problem?

“I can’t find the option to enable/disable position only flights anymore, what changed?”
“As technology has improved and we can reliably track more and more aircraft using our ADS-B network, we’ve decided to enable these position only flights for everyone. This should eliminate confusion and provide parity for all users of FlightAware, ensuring you are seeing all possible flights and aircraft in real-time”

It is now on for everyone

An aircraft stationary on the ground isn’t going to meet the requirements for an active flight; it won’t be tracked on the main webpage until it does.