My plane does not show up

My Ercoupe N99309 does not show up on flight aware. I flew over my antenna yesterday at 2k while doing an ADSB validation flight and the flight was validated but did not show up on FA. it is LSA and transmits a UAT output. Any ideas why FA does not see it?
Do you have to be on a filed flight plan for it to show up on FA?

UAT is a different protocol than ADSB. The FlightAware piaware software will only pick up ADSB. We do have other UAT software and hardware but it isn’t commonly used and there aren’t many planes that only transmit UAT. It is a chicken and egg problem with not a lot of support at the moment.

FlightAware does get UAT planes through the FAA data feed. You will need to either file a flight plan or flight following for the plane to show up on FlightAware.

You could setup a UAT receiver in your area and feed that data to Flightaware. It’s not turn-key, but it can be done. Search for dump978.

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dump978: UAT Decoder for the RTL-SDR + FlightAware App now supports UAT