Why missing flights on FlightAware.com

Newbie question. In the last couple of days I have got up and running with PiAware feeding to FlightAware. I see quite a few flights, particularly lower altitude near to me, on my Skyview map but these do not appear on the live tracking on FlightAware.com. I was expecting to see these and it was one of the reasons why I decided to set up an ADS-B tracking station and join FlightAware to help coverage. Out of interest I checked over at Flightradar24 and some, but not all, of these flights were shown.
Am I missing something?
Thanks. Dave

Do you have an example? (UTC time, hexid, screenshots helpful)

Here is an example


So maybe I just partially answered my own question. I see this example is called a “position-only flight”. I assume these are not displayed on FlightAware. Is this a setting I can change for my view of the main Live Flight Tracking page on the website?

Here’s another example where I can see the flight on my receiver but it does not even appear as a position-only flight on FlightAware. FYI This one did appear on Flightradar24.

FlightAware is conservative about creating flights when the only datasource available is mlat positions; this is a case where we didn’t create one.

Not currently; vicinity maps don’t show position-only flights.

Thanks for the quick replies.