Where is the live data that we transmit to Flightaware

Please don’t get me wrong this is a nice site, cool technology, good support in building a Pi, but where is the live data that we transmit to Flightaware located at? I don’t mean the line by line of the aircraft data in a textual format.

I might be mistaken in understanding it but I was under the impression that there would be a map with the planes on it moving showing their headings, altitude, speed, etc. like what is available on “planefinder.net” and several other sites.

I understand that one can enter in their “Common network” the IP address and watch their data, but what about everyone else s data? It said for doing the work and spending the $$ that we would be given access to the site, a retail value of $89/mo so what would the person/company that purchased the $89/mo subscription be receiving? Textual lines on a web page or a moving map with the flight data and location of the planes?

Does Flightaware have this same feature of the map with the planes on it? If so, where is our uploaded data visible at?

There is not currently a live map on ADS-B users’ stats pages. We’re working on that for the future.

Have you clicked any of the links in the flight list? It will show you real-time data on an interactive map (zoom/pan, various base layers, weather, etc) for that flight that encompasses far more than ADS-B data. You can also enable a view of nearby flights, nearby airports, etc, and can hover or click on any of them.

You can click on an airport code on your page to see the arrivals/departures at that airport as well as a map that shows the entire area.

On any map, you can click the icon in the lower right to see a re-sizable, full-screen map that is ad-free since you’re a feeder.

The best way to get the live data directly off your receiver is via the web page connecting directly to your PiAware site on your LAN. Due to the high volume of positions, not all the data visible there is sent to FlightAware.