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Missing aircraft on SkyAware map

When I use the SkyAware Anywhere map and table to show what my feeders see…
I do not get all the aircraft showing on the map… I get a subset of aircraft displayed.
Often times its helicopters and aircraft from all types of planes.
When I go to the live Flightaware tracking display… those aircraft are displayed.
Am I missing something? Is there some setting I should change?
Many times… I get a list of aircraft seen by my feeders, cut the number of aircraft on the map do not match.

Do you have an example? (Screenshots would help)

You dont reseive Position Information…
Or Mlat ?

From my Feeder right now
7 and 3 on Map with Position
It is Normal

Here is an example, bottom half of the map, around the 150 NM ring. Local map showing 2 aircraft there, the Skyaware Anywhere map shows only 1

Second example bottom left of the map, 2 Aircraft local, 1 aircraft on the Anywhere map.

Note how the aircraft that’s missing in the first example is a washed-out color on your local skyaware - this means that there’s been no position data for a while. Aircraft with no position data are reported infrequently (or not at all) to the FlightAware servers, so especially on the edges of reception you’re likely to see subtle differences between the local display & skyaware anywhere.

Also, as you may have noticed in the table, there are differences in how mlat positions are handled in the local versus anywhere displays (in particular, the anywhere display will be showing specifically the positions you were directly involved with calculating, which is a subset of the mlat positions that get displayed locally)

Thanks for the reply, you asked for examples so that’s why I provided them. I don’t mind missing out a few aircraft once in a while :wink:

I will try to grab some examples later today… Thanks for the responses…
The main reason I asked… was that my feeders are at my cabin at the airport and I connect to the SkyAware anywhere remotely… (not a local connection) and I was monitoring what my feeders are picking up… and I would see the list with 15 aircraft being picked up… but like the examples above… only 12 were being displayed…

I would go to the live flight tracker… and those 3 missing aircraft were being displayed…so I found it interesting that they were seen on the main live tracking map… and seen by my feeder… but not displayed on my SkyAware map…just wondered if there was some reason why random aircraft would be excluded on my map… but displayed on the main live tracking map/screen…
Also… the missing aircraft my my skyaware screen…showing on my feeder list… I can click on their aircraft id number in my list and it will bring up a screen/tab to display and follow them… so we know my feed is getting to Flightaware… I am remote enough that many times… my feeder is the main one reporting some of the low flying GA aircraft in the area…

Similar problem here:
An MLAT aircraft is listed in the table but not displayed on the map.
Only when clicking the aircraft in the list the icon will appear on the map.

When looking at the local display (PiAware) at the same time, it will never receive MLAT info for this aircraft while there is continuous reception.
This issue is around for about two months. Before that time there was never a problem receiving MLAT info in PiAware for the ZXP-series (in this case).

ZXP aircraft ( police helo’s) have the option to block the signal or the request the blocking of their signals. So they can change the visibility mode they are operating on. So you will see the MLAT being recieved but not on the map or with detailed information as it used to be

Thanks… but just to be clear on the helicopter discussion… it is just the helicopters used for rental and flight training south of here… they fly up the river a lot… and that is when my feeders pick them up. so they are not blocked like police do… and keep in mind… I see them on the live flight tracker… just not on the skyaware map… this is random. Sometimes they do show up. The blocking does not seem to be happening everywhere… Its not a major issue… just something I noticed happening… flights on the live tracker screen for everyone showing up and seen… but on my private skyaware map from my own feeders… random missing aircraft… even though they are on the list of aircraft seen by the feeder.

My comment wasn’t directed at your feedback, I was replying to my fellow countryman in regard to the ZXP helo’s.

I don’t know how the rules apply to your situation so that wasn’t my aim for the reply.

ahhh… ok… thanks thought you were looking at my reference to helicopters earlier in the discussion… have a great weekend

This just means that you have no recent position for the aircraft. When you select the row, it’ll show the historical track; the aircraft position you see is the last position heard (might be many minutes old)

The ZXP’s do not send position information, but they transmit their id (callsign) all the time.

The FA MLAT algorithm calculates a geographical position from the input of several nearby receivers.
This information is made available to SkyAware Anywhere (aircraft is dispalyed as MLAT), but will never get to the local display.

Question: why is that?