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978/UAT traffic not displayed on main Flightaware Live Flight Tracking site

Am I missing a setting or something? I’m new at this, but I’ve been providing 1090 and 978 UAT data for about a week now. Periodicially I see 978 UAT traffic on my Skyview978 page, but when I look on the Flightaware site this traffic is not displayed. I’m also feeding FR24 and Planefinder and the 978 traffic isn’t being displayed on those sites either. If I track by a specific 978 traffic tail number on the main Flightaware website, it does show the traffic with it’s track history etc. but I’ve never been able to see any of the 978 UAT traffic being shown on my Skyview978 on the main Flightaware Live Flight Tracking website?

P.S. I think FEDEX has a lot of their Cessna Caravan 208s equipped with 978/UAT out only in my area of the country, so at times there is numerous 978 targets available.

The problem is with flights without a flight plan (called position-only flight)
Position-only flights are not displayed on the live tracking website.
(you can’t enable it either, which i don’t really get)

Their feed clients are not able to decode the UAT format that dump978-fa puts out.
So you are not feeding them UAT data.
You could use uat2esnt, but i’m not sure they would like that.

You’d have to run an extra dump1090-fa (for example with combine1090 https://github.com/wiedehopf/combine1090).
Then you’d have to enable the output port for combine1090.

Then you need to use a script like this: UAT Translation from Dump978-fa

It would get quite complicated and as i said they might not even want UAT messages converted to ADS-B messages.
You would have to ask them.

Would be nice if they could update their feed clients to be able to connect to dump978-fa directly.

Are you sure? There is this option, though never checked what it actually does?

Pretty sure :wink:

Just find any small plane on your SkyView.
Click on the flight page for FA.

Then open the live map which displays all flights and search if you can find it:

For example you won’t find this position-only flight on the live map:

Well that is restricted from public view, and too far away from my feeder :wink:

Well there is GA airport nearby, I’ll try when they fly again, although I guess you will be right, I haven’t used the live map at all, just read about the option being there…

That’s strange, it was just showing “en route” for me.
Now it doesn’t.

Same info showed up on the flight page of a police helicopter, and that was shown on Skyview but not on the live page.

Thanks for that explanation. I’ve been searching for that type answer with no success. I guess I don’t understand what the goal/purpose of these sites is? I understand that 978 UAT is used only in the the US, but traffic is traffic so I don’t understand why that segment of aircraft operations is being ignored on these live flight tracking sites? As a general aviation pilot I rarely file flight plans, and I’d bet there is a large percentage of other GA pilots that don’t either. I don’t file mainly because of the hassle of opening/closing the flight plans at the smaller remote airstrips I like flying too. Also, a lot of flights are just around the local area making a flight plan somewhat useless.

The other sites have a much slower pace of software development.

Why the live view on flightaware doesn’t have a switch to switch on all flights that aren’t on a block list, i really don’t know.

It’s a performance issue that’s a little thorny to fix currently.