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Why do I see so many planes flying over my house that are not on flightaware?

At several times during the day there are planes that fly over my house that do not show up on the flightaware website. Are these all military aircraft? Can military jets fly anywhere they please with no tracking whatsoever?

They are tracked by regular ATC. They aren’t displayed by FA. Additionally, any private owner can request the FA block displaying their aircraft. Still tracked by ATC, but not displayed

Or they may not have an ADS-B transponder.

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Quite a few planes are tracked by FA but not shown on the live map.

Build your own feeder and the local map will show all flights with ADS-B:

You can also check if you can find them on one of the other tracking sites.

Great. Thanks guys. Appreciate the info.

Mode s and adsb will show on your own radar if you use the piaware image on a PI some military aircraft will use a military transponder which blocks them from public view

Not being show on Flightaware just means they are on one of the block lists maintained by FAA and EASA.

There are military encrypted transponders, that’s something you can’t receive locally.
See here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aviation_transponder_interrogation_modes