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Why I don't see on the map?

I’m able to track planes out of dump1090 and VirtualRadar and I think I upload to FA via PiAware … but can’t see planes on FA maps … see pictures and please help !

BR, Pietro

Many of them are military aircraft blocked by FA or FR24. I’m near Rome and i pick up a lot of Military helicopters or planes but they are not available on the public map. Remember also that many Military aircraft can fly without the transponder on

Nikka93, thank you very much for answer ! Me too I pickup lot of military aircrafts over northern Italy and now, maybe, I understand why I don’t see them on map. I’m about 50km north of Malpensa and Linate, so …

Best regards, Pietro

The BA flight was “Restricted from public view”, so I guess it will have had MLAT positions, and those are not shown on the FA map. Not sure about the other one, that has been a cargo flight, those BC SXXX usual have ADS-B postions, IIRC.

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