TSA pat-downs to get more personal


Starting Thursday, the manual search will involve a slide of the hand compared to the traditional pat down, NBC News has learned. TSA agents will use the front of their hands in searches, and the new process will include an agent running his or her hand up the inside of a passenger’s leg.

Yea, this will enable them to enhance security how?

My prediction is that unless they get a lot of gay guys is that the “macho men” who are TSA agents won’t be rubbing the crotch of many men.

The TSA, regardless of what they may say, does very little to enhance security but does a lot to make air travel miserable for passengers and crew.

The only reason we haven’t had an attack is because of either good intelligence or terrorist going after other targets. Not that I’m giving out ideas but one could simply go after an international flight coming into the US. TSA can do nothing about it. Just got back from HKG and I left my shoes on and they didn’t care that I had a water bottle. Of course airline security checked me before I boarded but did nothing that would actually find something (opened my bag and looked at the top).

It doesn’t. This ‘enhancement’ has been introduced as a punishment for those passengers who refuse the nude body scan machine.

It’s called social engineering, I believe. If you make option ‘B’ more unpleasant than option ‘A’ you try to force more people into option ‘A’ (the scanner). When the people have been sufficiently conditioned you can then make the scanner mandatory.

If there is one thing I would like to see Congress actually do, it is reign in the DHS and TSA. These agencies were built as a knee-jerk reaction to 9-11, with unlimited authority in the name of terrorism. They answer to no one, and continue creating new, more restrictive rules to justify their existence and further harass the public. The reason there has not been another terrorist attack on the level of 9/11 is because they haven’t tried. One must remember, the terrorists that day boarded those aircraft completely legally (box cutters used to be legal).