TSA Gate Check


The TSA continue to baffle common sense. Today was a perfect example of “really”!

I was connecting at SFO on United when TSA showed up for random checks of boarding passengers. I’m all for security and certainly switiching procedures to keep terrorists off planes.

However, today defied total logic. United F, GS and 1K boarded an SFO SAN flight, not one person was stopped and checked. Then, Prem Exec’s were boarded next, and I was first in line. Of course, I got stopped and my bag searched. I asked the TSA supervisor why wasn’t any of the F and higher elite passengers checked and she had no answer. I suggested it was discrimination, and again, no answer. I got checked and boarded, no problem, but it really bothered me.

TSA was formed because of 9/11. Hello TSA, where did most of the terrorist sit before they attacked. DUH! Today was not right, just another dog and pony show.



Of course she had no answer. It’s all a part of what the TSA is security. Of course, anybody with a real job and/or an IQ higher than 5 knows that the TSA does not provide security.


The beginnings of another never-ending “TSA is evil” thread. I see the poking of the angry monkey has begun.


The TSA could end it; they won’t.